12 Feng Shui Ways to Cultivate Happiness in the Bedroom

You Need to Love Yourself Before You Can Love Others

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    Good Feng Shui in the Bedroom

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    Good feng shui in your bedroom is very important for your well-being, this is why we have numerous tips, feng shui cures, and solutions for your bedroom. Look at 12 ways to enhance your love life including changes like the best positioning of your bed and good colors, scents, and images you should consider bringing into the bedroom.

    But, do not just look for quick fixes. It is important to think inwardly. It is human nature to focus on finding love externally, attracting that special someone, and concentrating on our present love relationships. And it is easy to forget that your bedroom has to nourish and strengthen the energy of you and your love for yourself. If you do not feel loved and cherished in your own bedroom—with or without a partner—you will keep seeking this source outside yourself. This can be a very tiring journey.

    You can create a good feng shui bedroom with the powerful energy of self-love. In addition to being soaked in the powerful and nourishing energy of love (which we all dearly need), the bonus is that you are bound to attract more love into your life.

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    Feel Love

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    The first step is very personal and has little to do with feng shui, and everything to do with you. What images, colors, and experience make you feel loved? Do you feel loved when you see a blossoming image of nature or a couple laughing? Will the innocence of a pure and crisp white colored space or warm, fiery colors make you feel loved and nourished? 

    This is the first step for developing the right bedroom environment for you. For many people, it can be the hardest step because you rarely ask yourself this question, let alone try to create it in your surroundings. But, you can change that. Take as much or as little time as you need, and know that this is a journey. You will keep discovering fascinating things about yourself and your ability to love.

    Just be clear with your intent of understanding and evoking the energy of love, and you will receive many insights. Do not wait for one big discovery before you start recreating your bedroom, welcome all little insights and ideas into your space.

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    open windows in the bedroom
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    The quality of light in your bedroom and your whole home is incredibly important for your emotional, mental, and physical health and well-being. Pay attention to the quality of light in your bedroom and see how your body responds. Do you feel depressed or do you feel nourished after you spend some time there?

    Light is considered energy nourishment for your body. Start paying attention to its presence. Good, intelligent lighting can create a variety of emotions if you know how to use it from feeling aroused to feeling calm and relaxed. Ideally, have several choices of lighting in your bedroom.

    Some simple rules to follow are to never use an overhead lighting fixture unless it is a crystal chandelier that can create a very special quality of energy. Do not place the chandelier directly above the bed as this is bad feng shui.

    Make a point of letting natural light into your bedroom during the day even when there is no direct sunlight. Natural light energizes and clears the energy.

    More lighting choices to consider:

    • Natural candles are the best lighting for the bedroom, they purify the energy as well as bring warmth and sensual energy to it.
    • Himalayan salt lamps bring very good energy into the bedroom, too, and you can find them in a variety of designs from clean and modern to bohemian styles.
    • If you like to read in bed, choose light fixtures with a movable neck and a focused pool of light instead of diffused light.
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    Fresh Air

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    The quality of air is perhaps the most important consideration for a good feng shui bedroom. The air we breathe is very important for our well-being. This is especially important in the bedroom as the air quickly gets stale given the presence of bedding fabrics, carpets, rugs, and window treatments. 

    We release a lot of energy while we sleep and it all gets absorbed into our surroundings unless you make a point of clearing the energy and keeping it fresh.

    Along with opening the windows, which might not always be possible in some cases, there are two solutions that can help clear your bedroom air:

    • Ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers are little miracles workers, spreading the healing energy of essential oils that both purify the air as well as evoke specific energies. Start with ready-made essential oil blends such as love or joy, for example, and then make your own mixes from favorite essential oils.
    • Natural candles such as soy or beeswax purify the air and bring a warm, soothing, and nourishing quality to it.
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    neutral tones bedroom
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    The sense of touch is very important for our well-being. Feng shui-wise, this translates into having a bedroom that is a space where anything you touch makes you happy. Look for a variety of materials and fabrics that are genuinely pleasant to touch.

    A well-layered bed is an art form that you can easily learn, but the main thing is to have sensual fabrics that feel good against your body. Most natural fabrics have soothing, healthy energy for the human body from silk and Belgian linen to high-thread cotton and bamboo fabrics.

    Splurge less on accessories in your living room if it means you bring more luxurious fabrics intimately close to your body. You want Items that help you feel cherished and treated well during the long hours that you spend in bed every day. 

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    We are visual creatures and it is important to nourish your sense of sight in your bedroom, too. In the language of feng shui, items you see in your bedroom is programming you on a subconscious level with powerful messages. Choose the colors and the tasteful art in your bedroom wisely. 

    Examples of art and colors that you should consider:

    • You want pairings of objects, be it people or non-ferocious animals
    • No sad or lonely images or violent or aggressive artwork
    • Choose colors that you love, that speak to you, and match your energy
    • When in doubt, choose skin tone colors in your bedroom
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    white bedroom floor
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    There should be no compromises when it comes to clutter in your bedroom. If you love yourself, then you attempt to surround yourself with the best quality of energy. Clutter and good energy cannot co-exist, so make an effort to declutter your bedroom. ​

    It is a paradox that many people store clutter under their bed, or in the bedroom closet, as these are some of the worst places to have clutter in ​your home

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    Express Yourself

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    Feng shui-wise, it is important, even necessary to visually express the energy you love and want in your life. Your bedroom is one of the best feng shui spots where you can strategically place powerful images that reflect what you want in life. To bring desired energy into your bedroom, display your most romantic moments or the most beautiful places on earth that you want to visit.

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    Flow in the Room

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    Feng shui does not offer you a magical solution to make everything better in your life, but it can definitely help you create a clear flow of energy in your space. This can help encourage a good flow of communication for you, inwardly, as well as externally with the world.

    Just like clutter can feel stifling, a flow to your room that does not make sense can make you feel foggy, unclear, or confused. Check the flow of energy in your space.

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    Red Flags

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    After you've created a space where love and nourishment create the main energy foundation, you can go deeper with feng shui and look for subtle red flags that can drain the energy in your bedroom and ways to remedy them.

    Red flags for bad feng shui in the bedroom:

    • Big mirror reflecting the bed
    • A bed placed under the window
    • Bed in line with the door
    • Sharp objects pointing at the bed
    • Bed with access from only one side
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    Doors and Windows

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    Basically, energy is always circulating between doors and windows, and it is helpful for you to understand its specific dynamic in your bedroom. The feng shui goal is to attract good energy into the bedroom and let it settle in, to not lose it through a big window aligned with the door, or any other door, be it a closet door or a bathroom door.

    Sometimes there is not much you can do about your floor plan, but it helps to know if you have a problematic area in your room. If so, you can add cures to the room to remediate some of the energy flow.

    Problematic floor plans can include:

    • Your door aligned with the ensuite bathroom door
    • Bedroom door aligned with a big window
    • Several big windows in a row
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    Love Energy Killers

    TV in the bedroom
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    This might sound dramatic, but there are specific items that will just kill the good, sensual, and nourishing energy in your bedroom. For good feng shui, get rid of them. The three main love energy killers that do not belong in a loving bedroom:

    • TV
    • Exercise equipment
    • Work-related Items
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    Refresh the Room

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    As feng shui is all about energy, it is important to know that good energy takes time and effort to create and maintain. So, after you've created a bedroom that is full of the energy of love, sensuality, and nourishment, be sure you do some space clearing from time to time. Basic space clearing is easy, fun and makes a big difference in the feel of this most important room in your home.

    Items you could use for space clearing:

    • Candle or incense
    • Sage smudge stick
    • Essential oils