Feng Shui Your Children and Creativity Area

Tips and cures for good feng shui energy in the West area of your home

White color, being of the metal feng shui element, is an excellent activator of the West feng shui area of your home or office bagua.
James Woodson/Getty Images

In feng shui, each area of your space is connected to a specific area of your life. This energetic relationship is revealed by the bagua, or feng shui energy map, which is quite easy to define.

In case of the energy of creativity and children's well-being, the bagua area that is most connected to it is the West bagua area of your home (or the mid right if you are using the BTB bagua).

It is recommended to always reflect, at least in some of your feng shui cures for this area, the energy that supports your creative projects and endeavors. It is also recommended to express here the most supportive energy for your children.

You can do that in a variety of ways; feng shui-wise, though, it is most important that you express these energies by using the power of specific feng shui elements.

The feng shui element of the children and creativity bagua area of your home is Metal, so the cures you will bring have to be either of the Metal element or the element that nourishes it (Earth feng shui element nourishes Metal).
S Metal). 

Recommendations for the West Bagua Area of Your Home

Art with a strong Metal element energy. This can be art depicting actual metal features, colors white and gray, or round shapes (the shape of the Metal element)

Art expressing the energy of creativity. Focus on finding images that represent (to you) the free flow of creative energy. Be mindful about the colors in your chosen art and avoid strong Fire or Water element colors in the West bagua area of your home.

Photos of your children or their art. Choose photos that evoke happy and joyful moments full of wonder and creative expression. In addition, you can also display your children's art in the West bagua area of your home.

Earth element art. Choose art with a variety of landscapes, mountains, or sandy beaches. Creative images of soil are also a good expression of the Earth feng shui element.

Metal or Earth element items such as tall sculptures, decor items in Metal colors (white, gray) and shapes are excellent here. You can also use the shapes of Metal or Earth feng shui elements in order to further strengthen this bagua area. Avoid Fire and Water shapes in all your West bagua area feng shui cures.

You can paint the walls of the Creativity bagua area of your home in any of the Metal or Earth element colors, such as sandy/earthy, white or gray colors.