How to Feng Shui Your 'Children and Creativity' Area

a child looking in a mirror in a room decorated in all white
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In feng shui, each area of your space is connected to a specific part of your life. This energetic relationship is revealed by the bagua, or feng shui energy map.

The bagua area most associated with the energy of creativity and children's well-being is the western part of your space (or the mid-right if you are using a BTB bagua map). So at least some of your feng shui remedies for this area should reflect energy that supports creative endeavors and any children.

The Element of the West Bagua Area

In addition to its direction, each bagua area is connected to a specific element: metal, water, wood, fire, or earth. And each element has a corresponding color and shape, making it easy to bring its energy into a room's design.

The feng shui element of the children and creativity bagua area is metal. Its colors are white and gray, and it's expressed in round shapes. So the feng shui remedies you bring to the area must either be of the metal element or of earth, the element that nourishes it. The presence of metal is supposed to bring precision and efficiency and allow a person to live in lightness and clarity. To complement this, earth brings stability, nourishes relationships, and maintains health.

Decor Tips for the West Bagua Area

Here are some suggestions to attract the best quality energy to the children and creativity bagua area.

  • Choose artwork with strong energy of the metal element: This can be artwork that depicts metal features, such as gates or railings. Or it can use the colors white and gray, as well as round shapes.
  • Showcase images that express the energy of creativity: Find images that represent to you the free flow of creative energy. But be mindful about the colors in your chosen artwork, as you should avoid strong fire and water element colors (red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, blue, and black) in the west bagua area.
  • Display photos of your children or their art: Choose photos of your kids that evoke joyful moments full of wonder and creative expression. You also can display your children's artwork, though it ideally shouldn't use too many fire and water element colors.
  • Gravitate toward earthy art: Because the earth element nourishes metal, you can choose to decorate with images of landscapes, mountains, sandy beaches, and other natural environments. Creative images of soil are also a good expression of the earth element.
  • Pick decor pieces with metal or earth elements: A pewter vase, a wrought iron clock, a silver picture frame, and metallic textiles all can bring the presence of the metal element. Earth can be represented with clay figurines, earthenware bowls and vases, rocks, and crystals. Plus, items with a circular shape (for metal) or square shape (for earth) can express the energy of the elements.
  • Strategically use paint: Paint the walls of the west bagua area in a metal color (white or gray) or earth color (light yellow, beige, or sandy brown). Fortunately, these are all neutral tones that should go with many design styles. In addition, try to work these colors into other surfaces, such as area rugs, curtains, and wall tapestries.

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