Feng Shui Your Missing Helpful People Area

Have a missing feng shui helpful people area? Use these 7 tips

woman holding a thank you card
Kohei Hara/Getty Images

Finding feng shui solutions for specific missing bagua areas will imply a basic understanding of the five feng shui elements, as your feng shui cures will have to be in harmony with the element each missing bagua area needs for a good balance.

The life area connected to the Northwest bagua area of your home (or the lower right if you are using the BTB bagua)  is called Helpful People & Blessings. It is recommended to always reflect, at least in some of your feng shui cures for this area, the energy of beneficial people in your life.

The feng shui element of this area is Metal, so the cures you will bring have to be either of the Metal element, or the element that nourishes it (Earth feng shui element nourishes Metal).

It is equally important to express your gratitude for all the helpful/beneficial energy in your life, and the Helpful People and Blessings feng shui bagua area is the ideal area to express your gratitude.

Here are 7 main tips to help activate and balance your missing Helpful People bagua area:

1. Art with a strong metal element energy. ( see examples of metal element art).

2. Art expressing the energy of gratitude. Focus on finding images that genuinely express your gratitude for all the blessings in your life. Be mindful about the colors in your chosen art as feng shui cure and avoid strong fire or water element colors in the Northwest bagua area.

3. Earth element art (see examples of earth element art). Best art for the feng shui purpose of curing a missing bagua area is art that has some depth, or perspective to it, so that a visual pathway is created in the blocking wall of the weak area.

4. Travel images or photos of your benefactors. The Helpful People and Blessings feng shui area also supports the energy of travel, so if you want to travel more, this bagua area is the best place to express this energy. Photos of people who have helped you grow in life are also beneficial here.

5. Tall lights are considered a good feng shui cure to expand a missing bagua area. You can go for any size in your lighting fixtures when using them as a feng shui cure for the missing area. However, a tall lamp is considered ideal for this purpose. Be sure that the size, look and overall design of your light fixture works well with the design of your room and fits harmoniously with your surroundings.

6. Metal or earth element items such as tall sculptures, decor items in metal colors (white, gray) and shapes. Be mindful about using the shape of the metal or earth elements to further strengthen the area; avoid fire and water shapes in your feng shui Helpful People area cures.

7. You can also paint the walls of this missing  area in any of the metal or earth colors. However, be mindful to also create an opening, or some perspective in the wall of the missing/incomplete bagua area. This will be done the easiest way with appropriate for the area art with some depth in it.