Feng Shui Your Vision Board

Office vision board

Cultura RM Exclusive/Getty Images

A vision, or a dream board, is an excellent way to focus your energy and, as with any item, there are always good and not-so-good feng shui areas in your home to display it. To define the best feng shui location for your vision board, let's look at two main factors.

First, be clear about the main focus on your vision board. Do you usually create one vision board for all your goals, or do you prefer several boards for different goals?

For example, one might have a vision board in the home office focused on money and business success, and another vision board in the bedroom walk-in closet or a bedroom wall focused on love and health.

A creative person might have another vision board in their creative studio that is a visual expression of an intuitive free flow of associations based on various images connected to their work, creativity, beauty, etc. 

Second, look at the main materials you used to create your vision board. Is it made of metal or wood? Are your images connected in a seamless way (i.e. glue or invisible tape) or do you stick and rearrange them with metal pins? 

After you answer these two questions you will be ready to find the perfect location based on the feng shui bagua guidelines, as well as plain common sense. 

Plain common sense will tell you that a metal board (cold energy) is not good for the bedroom where you obviously want warmth. Common sense will also tell you that a board with many sticking metal pins will create sha chi in the bedroom—very bad feng shui. Trust your common sense, as it will always lead you to good feng shui.

Below are some general feng shui tips to help you find the best feng shui location for your vision board in your home or office (home office).

For Business Success, Money, and Career Growth

Choose metal accessories and metal feng shui element colors. For the purpose of attracting money and success, it is usually good to have an "active" board, meaning you move things around as you see fit, adding more images, article clippings, specific words, etc.

The best feng shui area for a vision board connected to business success, money, and career growth is definitely the home office. If possible, have it in the North feng shui bagua area of your office. You can also follow the general feng shui guidelines for the North area in terms of feng shui element colors, shapes, etc.

For a Love and Health Vision Board

Choose wood accessories and wood and earth feng shui element colors. Contrary to the feng shui of business success and money vision board, you want your love, health and well-being board to be more stable, so it is best to define a basic structure and stick to it, just adding other elements as you see fit to an already defined structure.
Best feng shui areas for a love, health and well-being board can be a well-organized, well-lit, beautiful walk-in closet (yes, a beautiful closet is possible!); a bedroom wall you often see or the East of Southwest area of the home office.

In conclusion, these are very general feng shui guidelines. For best feng shui, as usual, be sure to trust your feelings and experiment/play around until you reach that moment when everything clicks, so to speak, and you have the perfect vision board in the perfect feng shui location to support your dreams.