Festive Holiday Color Schemes

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    Try Something Different This Year

    Christmas Color Scheme Ideas
    Christmas Color Scheme Ideas. ©Crate & Barrel

    Break out of your holiday decorating rut by choosing a new color palette. There are traditional color schemes that are easy to reach for when you're shopping, but perhaps this is the year you try something fun and different. 

    Christmas decorations enjoyed of fun colors and materials in the 1950s and 60s. Aluminum, pink, and baby blue, trees were popular with young families. This time of color adventure in holiday decorating disappeared quickly, as we returned to the traditional color schemes once again. With the big emphasis on home decorating and DIY non-traditional colors are making a comeback. It's time to have fun with holiday color again! Try any of these fresh holiday color combos for a new look, or design your own for a personalized look.

    Crate & Barrel: Rojo Red Tall Cabinet

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    Try Red and White for Stunning Simplicity

    Holiday Decorating Color Schemes
    Holiday Decorating Color Schemes. ©Crate & Barrel

    Red and white is a color combo that still has a touch of the familiar Christmas color schemes, but with a simple twist. Capitalizing on brilliant white walls, you are free to add red with abandon and still have a clean and uncluttered look. A red and white color scheme has a Scandinavian look to it, which is perfect for simple furnishings and handmade decor. 

    You can accent your red and white holiday color scheme with black, green, or a wood tone. If you would like to add a metallic accent, choose a muted silver or gold, to keep things looking natural and organic. 


    Crate & Barrel: Dasher 18" Red Reindeer Pillow by Elvis Swift

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    Champagne and White: Monochromatic Glamour

    Christmas Decorating Ideas
    Christmas Decorating Ideas. ©Z Gallerie

    A champagne and white holiday color scheme is perfect for anyone who would love an understated look. The effect of this monochromatic color palette is very glamorous and still quite simple. Pair creamy white furniture and accessories with decorations in varying shades of champagne or beige. If you would like to add a metallic accent choose a lustrous silver in mercury glass or brushed nickel. The key to this relaxing color palette is balance. No color or element in your room should overshadow any other.

    Z Gallerie: 7.5' Pre-Lit Tree in Champagne

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    Be Merry and Bright

    Holiday Color Schemes
    Holiday Color Schemes. ©Pier 1

    Can't decide on one or two colors for your holiday decorations this year? Try several! This fun and festive vintage-style ornament wreath is a great example of how much fun you can have with color this holiday season. There are really no rules for holiday color schemes, but if you'd like to use several colors the secret is how they are combined. If you choose a multi-colored scheme then commit fully to it by making it clear this was a deliberate decorating choice. 

    Pier 1: Ornament Ball Wreath in Bright

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    Let's Have a Blue Christmas

    Holiday Color Schemes
    Holiday Color Schemes. ©Wayfair.com

    Blue, aqua, and turquoise are the "it" colors for the past several years. There is no reason why you can't incorporate one of them into your holiday decor. For a fresh and fun look pair aqua or turquoise holiday decor with white accents. You'll want to add metallic accents, too. Choose shiny silver accents for a breathtaking glow in any room. This color scheme is perfect for holidays at a beach home, too.

    Wayfair.com: Fuss-Free Christmas Trees

    Paint: Sherwin-Williams Holiday Turquoise SW 0075

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    Cool Red Off With Frosty Silver

    Holiday Decorating Color Schemes
    Holiday Color Schemes. @Gumps

    Christmas red is beautiful, but it can also be overwhelming in a small space. Try pairing your red holiday decor with frosty silver, white, and even pale blue. The effect is delightful pops of warm color nestled in a cool setting. The visual effect of red with frosty white and silver is like a red cardinal venturing out after the first snow. This is a classic look updated with a soft glow.

    Gumps: Winter Wonderland Christmas Wreath