21 Beautiful Ways to Decorate the Living Room for Christmas

Living room decorated with Christmas tree and garland

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

By the time the air turns frosty and the radio starts playing "Jingle Bell Rock" on 24-hour repeat, you've probably already caught that holiday entertaining bug. Your living room is the center of the action, where you while away the hours beside a fire with friends and family. So, when it comes to Christmas decor, it's no surprise that you'll want your living room to be the highlight of the house. 

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    Subtle and Sophisticated

    great room with christmas decor
    Kellynan Blog

    Check out other gorgeous living rooms decorated for Christmas to get inspired and consider how to deck your halls this year. This living room from Kellynan Blog is simple, elegant and sophisticated. It's subtle and understated, with just the right number of holiday accent pieces to highlight the home's architecture, such as the stone fireplace, built-in bookcases, and wide stairway.

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    Bright and Fun

    bright and colorful living room
    Sugar and Cloth

    If you want to break from tradition this year, consider drawing inspiration from this amazing room by Sugar and Cloth. The whimsical decor is fresh and unique because it ditches the standard green and red color scheme. When shopping for Christmas decorations, look for pieces that truly stand out. 

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    Rustic and Traditional

    living room decorated for christmas
    Unskinny Boppy

    At the same time, there's nothing wrong with sticking to tradition when it comes to Christmas decor. This living room from Unskinny Boppy is a cozy and inviting space that invites you to sip hot cocoa over a fire. Incorporate your room's existing elements when decorating for the holidays; in this case, the fireplace fits right in with the rest of the room's decor.  

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    Keep It Simple

    living room with a skinny christmas tree
    Our Sixth House

    Decorating your living room for the holidays doesn't have to be a massive undertaking. Check out this space from Our Sixth House, which features functional decor that feels festive but doesn't overpower the room. If you aren't interested in creating a winter wonderland, stick to the basics: a Christmas tree, some garland, and maybe a few cozy candles. 

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    A Touch of DIY

    woven christmas tree hanging
    Everything Emily

    The holidays can be a great time to show off your crafty side. This cute woven tapestry from Everything Emily easily becomes the centerpiece of any holiday decor—and with a tree this cute, you don't even need a real one. Speaking of, there are many ways to DIY your Christmas tree that both fun and unique. 

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    Minimalistic Christmas Decor

    minimalistic living room

    It's okay to scale back on your Christmas decor this year. Consider taking a minimalistic Christmas decor approach, such as in this lovely room from Annabode. At first glance, it feels under-decorated, but the beauty is in the small details. The evergreen accents and candle glow are enough to give this room a festive feel.

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    A Decked-Out RV

    RV living room decked out for christmas
    Mountain Modern Life

    Can you believe this living room from Mountain Modern Life is actually in an RV? Whether it's an apartment, a house, a dorm room—or yes, even an RV—there's a way to decorate your space for the holidays. Work with the natural elements of the room to come up with a decor scheme. In this case, the decor has an outdoorsy feel.

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    Embrace Metallics

    white christmas tree
    Driven By Decor

    There's never a bad time to play with metallics, but Christmas is definitely a great opportunity. This frosty living room from Driven by Decor uses golds and silvers to add a bit of seasonal glam. If you tend to be reserved when it comes to your decor, the holidays are ideal for pushing your boundaries and add a little extra sparkle. 

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    Be Playful

    cute living room decorated for christmas
    Hello Little House

    The holidays are a time for joy—so if you can find decor that makes you smile, you're doing it right. This little living room from Hello Little House is incredibly cute, and though it's not overly decorated, the banner adds a whimsical touch that just feels happy.  

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    Modern Christmas Living Room

    modern christmas decor
    Jeanne Oliver

    If you are drawn to the modern Scandinavian aesthetic, you'll love this living room from Jeanne Oliver. The minimalistic look and neutral color palette draw a stark contrast with traditional bright Christmas colors and wild decor. 

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    Vintage Christmas Decor

    Christmas room with vintage elements
    Deeply Southern Home

    Christmas is naturally nostalgic, so why not incorporate some vintage elements into your decor? The living room pictured from Deeply Southern Home's home tour is Americana to the core, and the vintage sled and American flag give it a distinct personalized touch. 

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    A Christmas Display

    christmas decor
    Nina Hendrick

    One of the best things about Christmas decor is that it can exist simply for its own sake. If you tend to feel like everything in your home should have a purpose, the holidays are the excuse you need to decorate just because. This lovely little Christmas display from Nina Hendrick is the perfect inspiration to create your own little nook in your living room and fill it with your favorite Christmas decor

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    Who Needs a Fireplace?

    christmas living room with ladder
    Keys to Inspiration

    No mantel? No problem. Blogger Keys to Inspiration uses a modern wooden ladder to display stockings. It's a great way to use up a little empty space and looks as festive as a fireplace.

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    Scandinavian Christmas Decor

    Scandinavian christmas decor
    The Wicker House

    This room from The Wicker House is proof that Christmas decor can be black and white and still look beautifully festive. Understated doesn't mean under-decorated—embrace Scandinavian style and keep your decor look streamlined and simple. Stick to one or two main colors and avoid flooding the space with knickknacks. 

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    Christmas Elegance

    white christmas tree
    Decor Gold Designs

    This living room from Decor Gold Designs screams fancy cocktail party in the best way. The main focal point is the gilded Christmas tree, but it's loud and beautiful enough to carry the whole room.

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    Make It Cozy

    couch decorated for christmas
    The Design Twins

    You probably spend the most time on your couch, so why not deck it out for the holidays? This look from The Design Twins puts you in that spend-a-whole-day-on-the-couch frame of mind. Become a pro at the art of arranging throw pillows, and your guests may tussle over who gets to sit on the couch during your next Christmas party.

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    A Very Beachy Christmas

    blue costal inspired living room
    The Creativity Exchange

    Though Christmas may bring to mind snow and freezing temperatures, this coastal-inspired living room from The Creativity Exchange feels like a wonderful reprieve from the chilly season. The soft blues feel like a little vacation, but don't detract from the charm of the room.