Why You Should Drink Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water

The Gin & Tonic Has Never Been Better

Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water

You have a great gin for your Gin & Tonic, but which tonic water are you pouring? If you're looking to really upgrade your G&T game, look no further than Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water.

Isn't All Tonic the Same?

Tonic seems like an ordinary ingredient and something that you simply toss into a Gin and Tonic without thinking twice. However, all tonic water is not created equal. Just as there are some distilled spirits that are better than others, there are some tonics that stand out.

Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water is one of those shining jewels.

If you are a fan of Gin and Tonics -- or maybe a Vodka Tonic is more your style -- then you have to experience these drinks with Fever-Tree. Be warned that one drink may spoil you. It's hard to go back to that tonic you've been drinking for years after a taste of Fever-Tree.

The Crisp Taste of Tonic

Fever-Tree is made with all-natural ingredients including Tanzanian bitter orange, natural cane sugar, spring water, and quinine from the Eastern Congo.

The taste is clean and refreshing with a subtle sweetness inside that signature dryness we enjoy about tonic. There is also a hint of fruit and botanicals, along with a soft bitter quinine finish. The fizz is perfect, not too much nor too soft.

The tonic is fabulous on its own and can easily be enjoyed alone. With that, you can imagine that a Vodka Tonic is the same and really shows off the tonic's flavors in the purest form.

However, Gin & Tonic lover that I am, this is where the real test lies. Does it play well with the botanicals of premium gins? Emphatically, yes!

To really find out, I compared Fever-Tree with three different London dry gins: Beefeater, Martin Miller, and Tanqueray. The differences between the three mixed drinks were astounding and in each, the tonic took on an entirely different character.

  • Martin Miller came out on top. It was light and airy with citrus notes and a sweet-bitter, almost syrup-like feel.
  • Beefeater produced a warmer, darker, and drier drink filled with botanicals.
  • Tanqueray fell in the middle. This G&T was warm and had a subtle citrus and the tonic really brought out the gin's juniper.

One must also realize that the founders of Fever-Tree are British and the company headquartered in London. This is the ideal provenance for anything related to great London dry gins and its pairing with tonic. In fact, when developing their Indian Tonic Water, they did an extraordinary amount of research into traditional recipes and sourcing the best ingredients. Clearly, this paid off in the finished tonic.

More Tonics From Fever-Tree

Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water was the company's first and it launched in 2007. Since that time, the soda maker has made considerable expansions to its portfolio. It now offers ginger ale and ginger beer and a fantastic lemon soda. Yet, it is with tonics that the brand continues to excel.

As of 2017, you can now find a Naturally Light Tonic, Mediterranean Tonic, and Elderflower Tonic. Each is as impressive as the original and fantastic in any of your favorite tonic cocktails.

Fever-Tree is a dream come true for tonic fans and the Gin & Tonic will never be the same again.

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