Figuring out What Engagement Ring Size to Buy

Easy ways to figure out her engagement ring size without her knowing

nterracial Couple Holding Hands and Diamond Engagement Ring
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It is a common wedding conundrum. You are ready to propose to your future wife, but you are clueless about what type of engagement ring size to buy for the bride to be. Alternatively, perhaps you did not even know that engagement rings came in different sizes. There are four ways illustrated below to find out the bride's engagement ring size carefully and without her knowing.

How to Accurately (and Secretly!) Size an Engagement Ring

  1. One of the easiest ways to tell what the exact size engagement ring the bride has is if she already has a ring that fits her third finger. If it is a ring she doesn't wear very often, you can just take it with you to the jeweler and they will be able to determine the size for you. Otherwise, you can always trace around the inside of the ring onto a piece of paper, and the jeweler will likely be able to work on the sizing of the engagement from there.
  2. If the bride-to-be tends to sleep heavily at night, you could always take a piece of paper or string and wrap it around her third finger. This may sound a bit out of the ordinary, but this solution may get you the approximation that you need for the jeweler. Be sure to mark where the two ends overlap in this scenario.
  3. Ask the bride's closest friends what her ring size is. Sometimes, women try on each other's jewelry or have bought jewelry for one another. Additionally, her best friends may have some additional ideas to get the information you need.
  4. If all else fails, try to estimate how much bigger or smaller your hands are than hers. The jeweler can give you an approximate size based on that.

Or, Take Her Shopping for Jewelry

Bonus tip: Take the bride-to-be out shopping, to a mall or a fair where she can try on different types of jewelry. Of course, keep it subtle with this approach so it is not obvious you are trying to find out her engagement ring size. You could even go as far to suggest a sale that is going on so she can try on various jewelry—including ring sizes. This may be a smooth and sneaky way to get the answer you are looking for regarding her engagement ring size!

No matter what you choose to do at the end of the day, it is important to not forget to ask the jeweler if the ring you're buying can be sized after the proposal. There are some rings with elaborate detail that need to be made-to-order.

What If All Else Fails?

If the above methods fail, try shooting for a long-term result. For example, while watching a movie, TV show or a commercial, engage with your future spouse with casual conversation, asking her what jewelry material or color she likes. You may be able to lead the conversation into ring sizes this way.