5 Ways To Fill Your Home With Art

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    5 Ways To Fill Your Home With Art

    Design is full of little truisms, rules of thumb and homespun sayings. Some were mostly true at the time of they were first said, while others have stood the test of time. One such notion that I happen to be a faithful believer in, is the idea that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at the artwork on their walls and the books on their shelves. Art, especially, is more than just a way to create warmth and visual depth in a room. It's a means of expression that connects a space to...MORE the person or people living in it. That makes art a vital part of turning a house into a home, which is why it's so important to find new and interesting places for it.

    While in most homes art is typically hung on the wall, there are any number of uncommon, unexpected alternatives for incorporating artwork into our living spaces. Displaying art in an unusual fashion is a great way to create visual excitement and bring a very unique, very personal feeling to your home. The biggest upside will be that, no matter where you look, you’ll have something fascinating to look at and enjoy throughout your day. Here are 5 options on how to achieve an unusual and eye-catching, art-filled abode.

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    Basquiat For Breakfast

    When you're waking up early every day to make breakfast or cooking dinner every night, it can get pretty easy to see why they call it, “the grind.” Doing the same thing day in and day out can get a bit dull and mundane, even when it's something as fun as eating. The solution: an eating space that adds an artsy spin to every meal. Spruce up your daily dining by eating on plates festooned with colorful artwork to liven up the moment. Whether you're hosting guests for a big get together...MORE or enjoying a late night snack, adding some visual stimulation to your tableware is never a bad idea. By giving your tabletop a facelift with art that you love and admire you'll bring an extra burst of flavor to every meal.

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    Painted Pillows

    Everyone loves a gorgeous set of plush pillows. The challenge is to find patterns and colors that are different than what you'll see in every other home. Mix up your typical linen-and-pattern pillows with some pieces that feature original or hand painted art. With Martha Stewart's multi-use paint, you can create fun, art-covered pillows all on your own. But if DIY is not your cup of tea, many textile designers and artists also sell hand-painted or hand-printed pillows. Finally, you can...MORE search the web for services that let you print your favorite art on a pillow of your choosing.

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    Ligon Lit Up

    Brighten up your space by adding bright, neon artwork to your decor. Because of the highs and lows of it's use in pop culture, the art of working with neon is often overlooked when thinking about home décor. Still, it's one of the most innovative and eye-catching types of art that you can have. Guests will be naturally drawn to the intriguing glow of neon on your walls. You can create your own pieces by using companies that customize neon signs, or, for a cool industrial look, Etsy...MORE provides several options for purchasing old signs from bars or city buildings that can be repurposed in your home.

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    Tinted Tables

    The coffee table pictured above is by artist, Yves Klein. Although an authentic version of that captivating piece of beauty is several thousands of dollars outside of most of our decorating budgets, it is a stunning example of the allure and mystique that a painted coffee table could bring to your living room for its next spring update. Artists often repaint and reinterpret coffee tables or other furniture items. You can find pieces like this at flea markets or at an artists’ online shop....MORE It's a beautiful way to bring color into your home with a simple yet dramatic flair.

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    Piet Mondrian Wallpaper

    Instead of just taking a hammer and nail to hang up art on your wall, why not make your wall a piece of art? Create a spectacle in your home by selecting wallpaper that features your favorite artist. Select a single wall to use for an accent wall that will establish a focal point for your room by standing out against the rest of the room. And if you can't find a paper with your favorite work of art, sites like Spoonflower will do the job for you in a variety of textures and sizes.