Financial Help for Single Parents

Resources for Single Mothers and Fathers to Stretch One Income

As a single mother or father, you're working hard to get by on one income. Use the following resources to help you find sources of financial help, save money, and more.

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    Many hardworking single parents earn "too much" to qualify for benefits like food stamps, but earn too little to actually get by each month. Here are resources that can help make ends meet, including child support, WIC, TANF, food pantries, mortgage assistance, free school lunches, and community organizations.

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    Do you want to get additional education to improve your financial prospects but wonder how you could pay for it? Here are resources that provide need-based and merit-based grants and scholarships for single parents.

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    What can you do to make extra money that you can fit into your schedule? Here are six legitimate ways a single parent can pick up side income.

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    There are far too many bogus opportunities that claim you can make money from home. Here is how to recognize the legitimate ones and avoid the scams. Plus, see companies that truly offer these jobs and the kinds of positions that can be available.

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    Making more money isn't the only answer, you also need to know how to keep more of the money once you get it. Here are the basics you need to know to spend wisely, meet your obligations, and eliminate ongoing money crises in your household.

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    You are probably short on both time and money, so don't spend more of either at the grocery store than necessary. Here's why and how to shop smart for food. It starts with meal planning that can involve the whole family and includes shopping strategies such as couponing.

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    Are you hearing, "I'm bored," from your kids and dreading spending money on entertainment? These free kids' activities will help you spend quality time with your children without the pressure to spend money. While some of them use craft supplies or involve cooking food, they are all suggested for using things you already have on hand. You'll be having fun together and it's a chance to enjoy deep conversations with your kids as you bond as a family.

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    Eating out with your kids can be a treat or a necessity in your busy lives. One way to keep the costs lower is to take advantage of the growing number of "Kids Eat Free" deals. Here are restaurant chains that offer these deals. You'll need to read the fine print to see age ranges, days of the week, meal limitations, dine-in or takeout, and how many adult meals would need to be purchased. Also, some of these offers do not include free drinks.

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    You can turn school holidays into a fun-filled family vacation without traveling. Here's how to plan adventures exploring your local area with your kids.