How Do You Find a Specific Direction in Feng Shui?

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Sydney Roberts/Getty Images

Establishing the directions in feng shui can be confusing, especially when you read about different ways of defining the Ba-Gua, or the feng shui energy map of your home.

How to Establish Directions in Feng Shui

Yes, East is East, the cardinal direction, but the point of reference, or the starting point, will be the Center of your Home. The first step I always recommend is to find the heart, or the center, of your home, and then you can define the different areas of your space. You can do that on paper, or you can start just by having an experiential feeling of it.

  • Stand with the compass in the center of your space and see where the East is.
  • Do a quick visual check-up and see if you have all the right feng shui elements there.

Going further, you will take the reading from the main door (inside looking out) and then find all the directions in a more exact manner on your floor plan.