Find A Spot For That Kitchen Towel

Have you ever felt like your kitchen towels are loitering? If you are anything like me you could find yourself in need of a kitchen towel at any moment. I find myself utilizing a towel almost constantly, from drying hands and drying dishes to wiping up spills, I pretty much require access to a towel at all times.

If you do not have a spot for your hand towels, you know how irritating it is to have them just floating around the kitchen.  Where is it?  I just had it?  Is that towel even clean?

Aftert...MOREhoughts are a kitchen designer's worst nightmare, just like I recommend putting in a soap dispenser, a towel bar is one of those things that you will be so happy you planned for.  

Here are a few tips to give your towels a home while designing your kitchen. 

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    Use Your the Handles on Your Appliances

    Where to put the kitchen towel? Not on the Range, Ewe!
    Towel Hung On The Range Can Sweep The Foor When Opening The Oven Door. Image Source / Getty Images

    Utilize what you've got and hang your kitchen towel on your appliance handles. NOW, do keep in mind this idea only works for appliances at eye level like a wall oven. Hanging a towel on anything lower like a dishwasher or range will cause the towel to drag the floor every time you open your appliance. EW!!  

    The great thing about this option is it doesn't require a kitchen remodel. You can easily implement this concept into the kitchen you have!

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    Expose Your Towels

    Days of the Week Dish Towels Hanging On Farmhouse sink
    Dish Towels Can Be Great Accessories for Your Kitchen. Charles Maraia / The Image Bank / Getty Images

    Years ago, I realized that a towel bar under the sink or inside any cabinet, just wasn't practical for most people.  Opening a cabinet with wet hands to get to your towel creates more moisture on your cabinets and just takes longer.

    So I started designing exposed towel bars in to the kitchen.  They also make great color accessories.

    The result was great for my clients and super easy!   

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    Use Bath Towel Bars If You Have The Space

    Craftsman Oak Kitchen With Towel Bar on Island
    Kitchen Island Accommodates Large Towel Bar. Fotosearch / Getty Images

    My issue with "towel bars", is that they are meant for bathrooms, meaning they typically stick out 3" - 4" to accommodate large bath towels.  

    But in a kitchen, towels are smaller, and using 3" - 4" of aisle space at hip level is not ideal in small kitchens or may look awkward.  

    If you can dedicate 4" - 6" of countertop overhang to extend over the towel bar, you will be in good shape, like the kitchen island pictured here.

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    Use Appliance Pulls

    Top Knobs TK141BB For Kitchen Towel Bar / Nar Fine Carpentry
    Top Knobs Appliance Pull Used As A Kitchen Towel Bar. Nar Fine Carpentry / Top Knobs

    If you can't spare the aisle or cabinet space, here is what I do in my kitchens.  

    Use an Appliance Pull!

    These are cabinet pulls that are meant for appliances that get cabinet panels.  

    They are longer than typical cabinet pulls, project farther into the space and allow the towel a sufficient amount of clearance.

    They also come in different lengths, usually 12", 18", 24" or 30" and are available in a variety of finishes and styles.

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    What If You Don't Want To See Towels?

    Rev-A-Shelf Towel Bar Storage - Towel Holder and Towel Pull Out
    Under Sink Towel Bar Storage- When You Don't Want To See Your Towels. Rev-A-Shelf

    If you are the kind of person who just can't stand an exposed hand towel, you have a few options.  

    The easiest towel bar would mount to the back of a cabinet door.  Most people do this under the sink.  

    Or use a towel bar pull-out that hangs 2-3 towels.  Rev-A-Shelf has 2 units that work for both.

Just like a good helper in the kitchen, your hand towels do plenty of work. A great place to hang your towel will keep you organized and save your sanity where you need it the most (in the kitchen!).