How to Find the Best School for Your Child When Moving House

When moving house with children, you'll find that moving is most difficult for your kids, including leaving friends behind, a house that they loved, and a familiar neighborhood. But one of the hardest things for most kids when moving to a new city or town is changing schools.

So while changing schools is always difficult, finding a good school for your child, a school that has everything he or she needs, can sometimes be an even bigger challenge, especially if you're moving to a city where you aren't familiar with the neighborhoods and the schools in the area. To help, these guides will help both you and your child find the best school after you move.

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    Find the Best Place to Live for Your Child's Education

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    Moving to the best places to live with your family presents its challenges; trying to choose the best places to live where it'll be best for your children can feel overwhelming.

    Many parents choose a place to live because of the quality of the education available. If this is your primary concern, then find out how to choose where to live based on school statistics.

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    Find a Good School in Your New Hometown

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    Moving and relocating your child to a new school that is right for them means doing your homework first. Find a good school before you move and you'll know exactly which schools in which neighborhoods are best.

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    All About International Schools

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    International moving means finding a new school for your child in another country where it's difficult to determine just how the schools are ranked and assessed. While most countries offer three choices when considering your child's education—state, private, and international—it's hard to know what will be a good fit.

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    How to Choose a School Overseas

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    Depending on where you're moving to, your choices may be limited to a few options. Whether there are five schools to choose from or just one, it's important that the school matches your child's needs and expectations.

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    Educational Documents You'll Need for the New School

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    If you're planning a move overseas or even to another state or city, it's a good idea to start a file for each child's educational history. This will assist your child in applying for post-secondary education and in enrolling in an international school where the competition may be a little stiffer.

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    7 Questions to Help You Pick the Best School

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    If you're moving to a new city, you'll need to find a good school. Asking the potential school detailed questions will help you and your child pick the right school for them and help them settle. If possible, attend an in-person tour. If you can't attend an in-person tour, set up a phone appointment and modify the questions accordingly.

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    Should You Move for a Better School? How to Decide If a Move Is Right

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    If you have children and you’re not happy with their current school, you might be considering a move just to ensure they receive a good education.  But before you pack up your home, make sure you look at this move from every angle to ensure it’s the right decision not just your children, but your entire family.

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    Help Your Child Move to a New School During the School Year

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    Moving to a new school is difficult and even more difficult is to make that change during the school year. But if you're a parent who has to move during the school year, take heart. Children will adjust; it might just take a little more effort on your part to help them settle easily into the new school.