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Resources to Help You Find a Gluten-free Turkey - Read Labels Carefully

A fresh or frozen turkey might not be food you would normally suspect as a source of gluten. But think again because, unfortunately, basting solutions injected in turkey during processing may contain gluten. And those handy little gravy packets included in the packaging of some brands of turkey almost always contain gluten and should be tossed.

The good news is that several of the most popular, easy to find and economical brands of whole fresh or frozen turkey are gluten-free. As always, read...MORE labels carefully and if you aren't sure about a product, contact the manufacturer before buying your Thanksgiving turkey.

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    Empire Kosher® Poultry, Inc., located in Pennsylvania is, according to the company, "the largest kosher poultry producer in the world." The company controls all aspects of poultry production from breeder farms to processing facilities."

    Read more about Empire Kosher Gluten-Free Products

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    Honeysuckle White® is a Cargill brand.

    Honeysuckle White does make gluten-free turkey products. Their website recommends that consumers "Always refer to product packaging for current and most accurate product information.

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    Jennie-O (Hormel) brand Gluten-Free Turkey Products include:

    • Jennie-O® Prime Young Turkey: fresh or frozen (the gravy packet does contain gluten)
    • Jennie-O Turkey Store® Oven Ready Turkey Breast (the gravy packet does contain gluten)
    • Jennie-O® Frozen Turkey Breast (the gravy packet does contain gluten)

    Full Listing of Hormel Gluten Free Products

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    Perdue® Brand Gluten-Free Turkey Products

    According to Perdue, "Many PERDUE® products are free of gluten. Perdue chickens, chicken parts, and turkeys are all gluten-free. These are sold fresh, as well as frozen, and some are flavored with seasonings."

    The Perdue website doesn't offer a list of their gluten-free products. Read labels on individual products and contact them with any questions you may have.

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    Butterball, a ConAgra brand, does not label whole fresh or whole frozen turkey products as gluten free. Product information is available at Butterball website:

    According to Butterball, "Butterball product labels let consumers know whether any of the top eight allergens may be present in the product. For example, a label may read “contains wheat and dairy.” Specifically, gluten is not present naturally in turkey. Only two of our retail products currently contain gluten: Butterball® Frozen...MORE Italian Style Meatballs and Butterball® Frozen Stuffed Turkey. Our gravy has been reformulated to eliminate gluten, but certain gravy packets may still contain gluten; it will be listed on the ingredient statement. Give us a call or use the contact us form on this page if you’d like to check on a specific product."

    Butterball® Frozen Whole Turkey
    Butterball® Fresh Whole Turkey

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    Shelton's Poultry, located in California, "raises chickens, turkeys, and ducks in free range conditions, without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth stimulants." They also raise organic, gluten-free turkey.

    "We use no preservatives, flavor enhancers, modified starches, irradiated spices, animal protein or any artificial ingredients. Our ingredients lists read like home recipes instead of chemistry textbooks."

    Find a store near you that carries Shelton's Poultry...MORE products

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    Norbest is based in Utah and is a member of the Northwest Turkey Growers Association. According to their website, "All of our turkey products are completely free of gluten from wheat, barley, rye, oats, or their derivatives."

    Norbest Turkey FAQs