How to Quickly Find Phones, Toys, and Lost Gaming Devices

Misplace A Toy? Track It Down Fast.

Pixie Points

As parents we spend a lot of money on expensive toys, phones, gaming devices, and educational tablets. At least once a week my son is asking, "Mom, where is my 3DS?" "Have you seen the iPad?" Why is that kids can never seem to remember where left their toys and gaming devices?

Pixie Points give kids and parents a way to quickly find phones, toys and lost or misplaced gaming devices. 

Pixie Points are small, flat tags with an adhesive that allow them to be attached to anything.

The most popular uses for Pixie Points for adults might be on laptops, tablets, wallets, remote controls (like that annoyingly itty bitty Apple TV remote), pet collars, backpacks, shoes, e-readers and anything that could be easily misplaced, lost or forgotten. 

As a parent, I would definitely be tracking expensive toys and devices like iPads, other educational tablets, portable gaming devices, wallets, and backpacks.

After the tags are placed on items,  the Pixie app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices is launched. If an item with a Pixie tag is "misplaced," after opening the app, uses can search for their lost item. The app will give directions and instructions to track down the toy. Eventually, a large "X" will display on the screen where the item is located. The item could be under pillows, and it can still be found.

Through augmented reality, the Pixie tags are illuminated and highlighted on the map.

Finding your lost items is like a modern-day treasure hunt that brings people to within inches of their lost item. Using the app, all of a person's things will be illuminated, even if they are in a different room or outside in a vehicle. 

The batteries in the Pixie tags can not be replaced or charged.

The devices talk to each other, 24 hours a day, and are designed to last 18 months before having to be completely replaced with a new Pixie tag.

Do you know many times a day my husband and my son rely on me to answer the question, "Do you know where my tablet, phone, shoes, backpack, gaming device is?"  

Can you imagine if your spouse or the children launched the app, and took those five minutes to find their devices on their own, instead of relying on others to remember where they last utilized it?

Within the app, organizational checklists can be designed. Attach Pixie points to all of the important items you need for a family vacation or outing. The app will help you keep track of your chargers, games, tablets and devices. While packing, it can alert you if an item on your checklist is not in your bag.  

Pixie Points can solve so many daily family frustrations and arguments. For kids, it means they can be independent in finding their toys and gaming devices. They can also learn how to be more organized and responsible, so they can rely on the app to help them pack all of the necessary belongings for a trip or school. Parents do not have to feel like they are constantly nagging and do not have to waste time tracking down misplaced belongings.


Most children make lots of promises. They share how they will take care of their toy and that they will never, ever lose it. As parents we create rules about when it can be used and where it needs to be stored.  We might even take preventative measures to spend more money to protect the device with warranties. Expensive warranties might cover a cracked screen, but nothing will cover a device that is lost. 

A store warranty will replace a cracked screen or the device in the event of malfunction. Pixie Points are another great type of warranty that can give parents peace of mind should their kids misplace or lose their favorite  technology toys.

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