How To Find The Best Trampoline For The Money

Kids on Trampoline
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Considering buying a large outdoor trampoline for the backyard? What do you need to consider in order to find the best trampoline for the money?

During the outdoor weather months when the weather is nice, parents and families often look for outdoor toys for the backyard that entertain children, and sometimes many children at the same time. 

1. How Much Room Do You Really Have?

Outdoor trampolines are very large.

Full size trampolines can range from 8 feet to 15 feet. If there are size limitations of the yard, definitely get a tape measure and measure the yard to make sure there is adequate space and clearance.  Check the yard and make sure the area is flat to accommodate a trampoline. Buying a trampoline that appropriately fits the space could save time and money from having to return a trampoline that is to large.

2. Does The Trampoline Have Enclosures?

Trampolines can be expensive. Because of the cost, you might even be thinking of buying a used toy or trampoline to save money. Safety is important, so finding a trampoline that has enclosures, or high nets on the side is very important. Without enclosures, children could fall off the sides and injure themselves. Children like to do impulsive, random things. Many kids like to design trick shots and stunts that on a whim, without immediate supervision, could have them jumping off the side and doing something unsafe.

Always buy a trampoline with net enclosures. Should you find the deal of a century and consider buying a trampoline that does not include enclosures, it is possible to buy enclosures that will fit the shape of your specific trampoline. 

3. Read Reviews

When deciding to purchase a trampoline on or other retail sites, spend some time and read the reviews.

Pay close attention to how much time buyers are stating it takes to assemble the trampoline. Make note of a reviewer's comments on how they believe the toy has held up over time. Also look for comments on customer service from the manufacturer for those who have had issues with their trampolines. For instance, how quickly did a company send out a part if it was not included in the original box.

4. Research The Company and Their Warranty

Trampolines are fun, but they can be dangerous. Look for brand names of companies, find their websites and read about their manufacturing processes and commitment to safety. Take note if a company includes a warranty with your purchase and what it includes.

5. Does It Have A Weather Cover?

Shielding your trampoline from the weather will help to keep parts from rusting and becoming faulty or unsafe. This will help it last longer and protect your investment.

6. What About an Indoor Trampoline or Bounce House?

An outdoor trampoline might not be a good option, especially for younger children. There are smaller circular and square trampolines with handles, where children might not be as prone to injury, that can also be used indoors.

There are also many toys, like the Jungle Jumparoo, that can also be used inside or outside.

 Inflatable bounce houses could also be an option for some families. They are temporary and can be easily stored in a smaller bag when not in use.

7. No Matter What, Before You Buy You Must Call Your Insurance Agent or Company

Trampolines are great fun, but they can be a liability. This means that children and adults could get hurt, and it is possible you could get sued or be named in a lawsuit, costing a lot of money in damages.

Accidents can happen. If your children have friends over or for a playdate, family party or birthday party, what happens if a child suffers an injury on the trampoline? It is possible that you, as the homeowner, could be responsible for damages or medical bills.

Whether you are considering buying a trampoline, or even if you have already bought one, you should contact your insurance agent and ask about homeowners coverage regarding the use of a trampoline.

Some insurance companies do not cover injury from trampolines, so you need to know all of the facts before you purchase and then choose to allow other children or adults on your trampoline.

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