How to Find Volunteer Opportunities

Learn How To Volunteer Your Craft Skills

Knitting Needles With Hat And Scarf On Wooden Table
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Find out how to use your craft skills to volunteer.

Volunteers are an important part of our society. Did you know that you can use your craft skills to help others? Why not take some time to not only volunteer but also to honor people who give their time to help others.

My kids used to love to make beaded jewelry and sell them to raise money to donate. They would set up a lemonade-style corner stand and sell their beaded creations along with unwanted toys.

We then took the proceeds and bought food to donate to our local food shelf.

There are many creative things you can do to help others and several projects even the youngest family members can help with:

  • Make patriotic cards and write letters to send to military personnel.
  • Clean out your craft cupboards and donate any extra craft supplies to a local Boys and Girls club or community center.
  • If it is near any holiday, make some greeting cards to deliver to a nursing home or hospital.
  • Collect or make stuffed animals to donate to children in a homeless shelter or hospital.
  • Make warm hats, warm mittens, and/or simple scarves and donate them to homeless shelters and other organizations.
  • Bake some cookies and deliver them to a fire station, community center, or other local organization.
  • Make some placemats and donate them to a nursing home, preschool, or even a soup kitchen.
  • Do yard work and creative gardening for someone in your neighborhood that can't get around too well.
  • Make bird houses and/or bird feeders to hang up at a nursing home or other place where people will enjoy watching the birds.
  • Make blankets and donate them to hospitals, homeless shelters, or animal shelters!

These are just some suggestions to get you started. If you want to find an organization that you can donate your crafty time and skills to, look around your town, talk to friends and co-workers, and check out this great list of charities to craft for.

Besides finding volunteer opportunities for yourself during National Volunteer Month, if you know someone who is a volunteer, be sure to take time to thank them for all they do. Make them a special gift and even a home-made thank you card. Even if what they are doing isn't affecting your life directly, it's affecting the lives of people around you.