How to Find Your Feng Shui House Period

feng shui house period

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If you are working with the traditional, or classical feng shui schools, the feng shui period of your house is useful information that can help you make the best decisions in terms of placement of feng shui cures, as well as enhancing specific areas of your life.

If you are working with the BTB, or Western feng shui school applications, you might not need to delve into the house period info. (Be sure you understand the difference between these two feng shui schools before applying feng shui.)

What Is a Feng Shui House Period?

Feng shui period is a term used in the flying stars school of feng shui (called San Yuan) as a way to define the movement of various energies in one's home or office. Dealing with the time factor—and the way it affects us—is the main focus of the flying stars feng shui school.

There are nine periods in feng shui, each lasting 20 years. We are currently in period 8. Find your feng shui house period with the following steps.

Step 1: Define Correctly the Year of Your House

It is important to understand that to define the feng shui house period correctly you need one of the three things (choose the option that best applies to you).

  1. The year your house was built (if you lived there from the very beginning).
  2. The year you moved into the house.
  3. The year you did major renovations in the house (major renovation, feng shui-wise, means affecting the structure of flooring, the walls, and the roof of the house).

Step 2: Find the Feng Shui Period Your House Belongs To

Once you have the year defined, look below and see what period your house belongs to:

  • PERIOD 5: February 5, 1944, to February 4, 1964
  • PERIOD 6: February 5, 1964, to February 3, 1984
  • PERIOD 7: February 4, 1984, to February 3, 2004
  • PERIOD 8: February 4, 2004, to February 3, 2024
  • PERIOD 9: February 4, 2024, to February 3, 2044 (for your future house)

Step 3: Define the Most Accurate Reading of the Front Door of Your House

Here you need to know which one of the 24 directions it falls into. Once you know your house period info and your specific house facing direction (for example SW1 or N2) you can find your wealth spot or the location of the feng shui wealth star (also called Water star 8) in your home.

The most popular application of feng shui house period info is to find your specific wealth spot and activate it. This feng shui wealth spot is believed to be more powerful than the usual wealth corner, or money area (which is SE area in classical feng shui bagua and further left corner in BTB feng shui bagua).

Note this is not the same as the annual wealth star which changes location from year to year.