How to Find the Feng Shui Money Area of Your Home or Office

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In the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, one area of your home is considered the energetic center of money or wealth. This is a good area for conducting business or managing household finances. But where this area is located depends on which bagua form, or school, of feng shui you practice. Classical, or traditional, feng shui defines the money area differently than the Western, or BTB, feng shui school.

Classical vs. BTB Bagua

The bagua is essentially an energy map used by feng shui practitioners to help define areas of the home that have specific meaning and usefulness. In the classical school of feng shui, the bagua map is defined according to the compass direction of the home's front door, while in the BTB (Western) feng shui school, the front door's compass direction is not relevant. Which school you follow is up to you, although many people find the principles of the Western school easier to follow. 

Determining Your Money Area

In the classical feng shui school, the wealth or money area is considered to be the southeast corner of your home or office space. In the Western or BTB feng shui school, the money area is the upper left area of your space as viewed on a floor plan.

Whenever possible, the best place to locate a home office or conduct your financial management tasks is in the overall money center of your home. But if this is not possible, remember that each individual room has an area that is best suited for wealth energy. If an entire room in the appropriate location is not available, then the southeast corner of any room (for the classical school) or the upper left of your floor plan (for the BTB school) will be most suitable for a wealth area. 

Controlling the Feng Shui of Your Money Area

While defining the money area of your home, or the money area in an individual room, is easy enough, simply defining the space will do nothing to enhance prosperity and wealth. You must also take steps to manage the energy flow by making intelligent decisions regarding decor and by avoiding the most common mistakes that are made in money areas. 

Most importantly, surround yourself with images and items that speak to you of the energy of money and the feeling of financial abundance. The images you choose must be a personal choice, as we all have different associations with the energy of wealth. Consider a few additional tips for managing the money area of your space: 

  • Wood is the feng shui element of the money or wealth area, and the color blue and images of water will nourish wood. A small water feature, such as a fountain, can greatly enhance a money center. 
  • Properly placed mirrors can multiply the prosperity-power of a money area, especially if the mirrors reflect natural scenes or blue colors.
  • The right type of growing plant is conducive to a wealth area. The common jade plant is one good choice. 
  • Small statures or icons depicting symbols of wealth can enhance prosperity. 

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