Top 5 Eco-Friendly Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps abound, but good green apps? Some apps that help users go green are definitely better than others—each green app listed has proven to be as popular as it is useful. Put your iPhone, Android, or iPad to work for yourself and for the planet with these tried-and-true environmental apps.

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    Light Bulb Finder

    Screen shot of Light Bulb Finder app.

    Are you wondering what kind of light bulb to put where? Are you concerned about how inefficient lamps contribute to your electric bill (and to global climate change)? Are you not sure where to find energy-efficient light bulbs? That's where Light Bulb Finder comes into the picture.

    This app—named one of the best green apps by the EPA—lets users determine cost savings gained by switching to more efficient light bulbs ​and even helps users buy new light bulbs directly from the app. For Android and iPhone.

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    Screen shot of GoodGuide app. 

    Shopping is confusing enough when there are 318 different brands of toothpaste on the shelf; adding green credentials into the mix only makes things more baffling. But wait—what if there were a green app that lets you scan a barcode and then informs you about that product's environmental footprint? It's called GoodGuide, and it takes green shopping to a whole new level, empowering consumers by giving them the dirt on who's really green and who's just greenwashing. Android and iPhone versions available.

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    Seafood Watch

    Screen shot of the Seafood Watch app.


    Should you order the halibut or the tuna? Is eel sushi sustainable? And where can you buy wild salmon? With the green app Seafood Watch, from the world-renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium, it's easy to make smart seafood choices. This green app's interactive features also let you share the locations of good, sustainable seafood restaurants and shops. Available for Android and iPhone.

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    Screen shot of Earth911. 

    Anyone who's ever used Earth911 for recycling or other eco-information knows what a great resource it is. Now you can get their info on the go, with its green app called iRecycle. Just let the app know where you want to recycle—or use your current location—and iRecycle will tell you what resources are nearby, its hours of operation, and driving directions. The app even lets you review the latest in recycling news and tips. Available for iOS, iPad, and Android.

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    Screen shot of greenMeter app. 

    How efficient is your driving? Is your car as fuel-efficient as it could be? Find the answers to these questions with greenMeter, a popular green app for commuters and other drivers. The app provides info on fuel consumption in real-time so you can see just how wasteful it is, for example, to quickly accelerate from a red light. Analyzing your MPG over time can also provide feedback on your car's fuel efficiency, letting you know when it's time for a tune-up. Available for iPhone and iPod Touch.