Visit the Route 90 Garage Sale in the Finger Lakes, New York

Finger Lakes / Route 90 Garage Sale Tips and Information

Shoppers at the Route 90 50 Mile Garage Sale
Shoppers at the Route 90 50 Mile Garage Sale. &copy Route 90 Garage Sale

Treasure hunters in upstate New York know to head for the Route 90 Garage Sale in Cayuga County, each July. The yearly event used to be known as the Finger Lakes 50 Mile Garage Sale. The name may have changed but it's still the same great sales. The sale route runs from Montezuma to Homer. It started in 1988 and draws huge crowds each year. It frequently features up to 500 individual sales.

The Route

Located in upstate New York's Cayuga County, the garage sale stretches from Montezuma to Homer along Cayuga Lake.

It's approximately 50 miles of Route 90 (a New York State Scenic Byway).

Dates and Times

The Route 90 garage sale is held annually on the last full weekend of July. It's open from eight a.m. to four p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, rain or shine.

Upcoming Finger Lakes 50 Mile Garage Sale Dates

  • 2018 Confirmed Dates: July 28 - July 29
  • 2019 Dates: July 27 - July 28

Route 90 (Finger Lakes 50 Mile) Garage Sale Tips

  • To brush up on your yard sale shopping savvy before you go, read ourĀ yard sale shopping tips.
  • Don't leave home without packing a treasure hunting toolkit. Ideally, it will have everything you need to make fast, smart purchasing decisions. It should also contain packing materials so you can get your treasures safely home.
  • Feel free to haggle for lower prices, but don't alienate the sellers by making these haggling mistakes. There's a right and wrong way to negotiate price at garage sales. Everyone wins when you do it right.
  • Try not to park on private property or on the shoulder of the highway. Stick to designated parking areas instead.
  • You may see some professional flea market dealers set up along the way. The prices will likely be higher than you'll see on the yard sale merchandise, but there are still some good deals to be had.
  • As you drive through participating towns, watch for garage sale signs. In-town sellers may not be located exactly on the yard sale route. Don't be afraid to make a detour for the sake of treasure hunting. You can get back on the official route at any point.
  • Stop to enjoy community events, bake sales, and local eateries in the participating cities. The more business everyone gets, the bigger and better the event will become. Give back to the communities that are giving you a fun sale to shop.

Contact Information

To contact the organizers of the garage sale email or use the Tour Cayuga contact form. They can also be reached by phone at (800) 499-9615.