A Home for Fire and Earth Feng Shui Elements People

Tips to create good feng shui for fire and earth birth elements combination

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The Fire and Earth feng shui birth elements combination is considered a nourishing element combination, so it is usually easy to create a harmonious home for these two elements. 

The energy of the Fire feng shui element person nourishes and greatly supports the Earth element person (Fire creates Earth in the productive cycle of five elements.)
In turn, when the energy of the Fire feng shui element person is strong, it is usually not overpowered by the Earth element (quite different from the Wood-Fire elements). So, this provides for an easy relationship to create a home for.

However, what can also happen is Earth weakening the Fire element if the home environment is not supportive for the Earth element person, so it is important to bring balance to this interaction.

But first, check this birth element chart to be sure you have the right birth element info.

Tips to Strengthen the Fire Element

Ok, so which feng shui element can easily bring warmth and harmony to this couple? The Fire element, of course! This is the only element that nourishes both Fire and Earth, and it is a great one to decorate your home with.

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You need to strengthen the Fire element, and not the Earth one because Fire is the nurturing element that produces/creates the Earth element in feng shui. If you have too much of an Earth element decor, the Fire element person can start to feel depleted.
By constantly nurturing, one can easily weaken or even temporarily lose the vibrancy of its own energy, so the Fire element person needs to be supported by the good feng shui Fire element decor.

Feng Shui Elements to Limit

Are there specific feng shui elements you should avoid in your home decorating? No, you should not avoid any element, as a good feng shui home has a balanced presence of all five elements, just in different proportions.

There are several elements, though, that it is good to diminish in your home decorating. These elements are Wood and Water. Metal element decor should also be used mindfully. Why? Well, simply because these 3 elements can deplete one or both of your birth elements.

For example, the Wood and Metal elements drain energy from the Earth element person, while the Water element obviously puts down the Fire. So, take some time to actually understand how each element is expressed in modern home decor items and see how you can manage their presence in order to create a good feng shui home for both of you.

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Also be sure you have a good understanding of colors and shapes as expressions of specific feng shui elements. This will help you in your quest of creating a harmonious home for you and your loved ones.

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