Fire Magic Charcoal Smoker Model 24S-SMB

Fire Magic Charcoal Smoker Model 24S-SMB
Fire Magic Charcoal Smoker Model 24S-SMB. R H Peterson

The Bottom Line

Fire Magic has been producing great grills for years and now has a charcoal smoker. This all stainless steel unit isn't cheap, but then it isn't cheap either. Solid construction with an efficient and simple to work gravity feed system and multiple vents give this smoker a wide range of temperatures in an efficient design. What really makes this charcoal smoker a great choice isn't that it has all the features you want, which it does, but that it is a simple smoker that has loads of capacity and looks great.


  • High-quality construction
  • Low tech gravity feed fuel system
  • Built-in meat probe


  • Expensive


  • 6 cubic foot space with 1640 square inches on five stainless steel racks
  • Gravity charcoal feed with backfill and dual channel for separating charcoal from hardwood
  • Complete 304 stainless steel construction with insulated firebox
  • Dual top mounted adjustable stacks with adjustable rear bottom intake
  • Door mounted digital temperature gauge with meat probe
  • Removable ash catcher
  • Made in the United StatesĀ 

Guide Review - Fire Magic Charcoal Smoker Model 24S-SMB

Fire Magic makes some of the best and most expensive gas grills on the market. They are praised for their quality, attention to detail, and inventiveness. If there is a problem with Fire Magic, it might be that they are often completely insane. I mean, these are the people who decided that lifting the lid on a gas grill might just be too much work and perhaps it would be better if there was a motor that did it for you.

Then they thought that it might be a good idea to give you a remote control so you can open and close the lid without getting out of your lounge chair. In fact, you can check food temperatures by remote as well.

So when I heard that Fire Magic would be making a food smoker, I had to wonder if it would be solar powered, with a tablet computer interface, and internal cameras so you could watch the food smoke from your television, or possibly a smartphone.

(If anyone decides to use these ideas they owe me money.) Fortunately, when I got the chance to look at the Fire Magic Charcoal Smoker I found a simple design and an attractive and elegant smoker.

What this all stainless steel smoker gives you is 6 cubic feet of space on five cooking racks with 1640 square inches. There is a digital temperature gauge on the front, but this is purely informational and will tell you the smoker temperature or the temperature of what's smoking inside via a meat probe. The vents in the bottom back and the two top stacks allow for manual, yet precise temperature control and the gravity feed system allows more charcoal (or wood) to be added without accessing the fire box, or even opening the smoker.

Just for your information, a gravity feed smoker has a rear chute (this one has two). Charcoal is loaded into the chute where it feeds into the firebox where it is lit. The charcoal in the chute is separated from the firebox so it doesn't catch fire, and the advantage is stated above.

This is a very expensive smoker (this version runs around $5,000USD and comes with a bottom storage drawer, which lifts the whole unit up to a more convenient height). However, it is a high-quality smoker made entirely from 304 stainless steel to Fire Magic's exacting standards, so if you have the money, buy one of these.