21 Stone Fire Pits to Spark Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Light gray stone and round fire pit with fire inside

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Adding a stone fire pit to your outdoor space makes it a destination. Like moths to a flame, you and your guests will be drawn to a fire feature in the evening to relax, enjoy food and drinks, get warm, and enjoy one another's company. While portable fire pits are a good choice for some situations, stone fire pits are more permanent and likely to complement a home, landscape, and the surrounding terrain.

For ambitious do-it-yourselfers who can follow instructions, building a fire pit shouldn't take lots of time or cost. It can even be a good beginner's project for an outdoor building enthusiast. If you plan to install a fire pit on an existing patio or deck, consult a professional. Flammability becomes an issue if you are putting a fire pit on a wood deck


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    Camp-Style Fire Pit

    backyard stone fire pit
    Evan Blanchard Photography

    British garden designer Gertrude Jekyll was the inspiration for a hillside home in Seattle. The renovation, designed by Kim Rooney Landscape Architecture, includes stone walls, gravel paths, a terraced rose garden, a perennial garden, and a bluestone patio. Located in Seattle's Magnolia district, the homeowner requested a private hideaway in the garden that could be an informal gathering space. Rooney positioned the fire pit behind a big Japanese maple tree, about four feet below the main patio, yet high enough to offer a peek-a-boo view of Puget Sound. The campground style was achieved with a wood-burning steel log and Montana ledge stone fire pit on pea gravel.

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    Desert Modern

    stone fire pit
    Christopher Kennedy Compound

    A fire pit designed with stones clustered in a circle is a classic and authentic look for this Palm Springs home designed by Charles DuBois for the Alexander Construction Company in 1958. Located in the popular Vista Las Palmas neighborhood, the home, called La Vie en Rose, received an updated by designer Christopher Kennedy that was respectful of its midcentury modern roots but gave the current owners more living space. Like the furnishings throughout the yard, the fire pit is low, simple, and considerate of the desert landscape, which includes beautiful skies and sunsets. 

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    Colored Glass

    fire pit with colored glass
    Blue Glass

    A San Francisco area homeowner wanted a fire pit with plenty of seating for her home's outdoor makeover.  Black Diamond Landscape designed and built a stone fireplace with a half-circle built-in wall and seating that is made more comfortable with colorful accent pillows. Blue fire glass complements the orange pillows and upholstery.

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    Indiana Limestone Pit

    fire pit designs
    Marti Neely

    A round fire pit built with Indiana limestone is capped with pewter mist limestone that was custom cut with a rock-face edge and a honed top. Designed by Marti Neely Design and Associates the space includes a patio made of lilac bluestone.

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    Granite Rectangular Pit

    stone fire pit
    Ted Carter

    Constructed of granite bars set in a rectangular pattern, this wood-burning fire pit and outdoor space was designed by Ted Carter Inspired Landscapes of Portland, Maine. Most builders and stone masons describe stone according to geological type, trade names, or the sizes and shapes used in construction and landscaping. Granite is actually a trade name for a specific type of igneous rock. For landscaping projects, granite is sold as blocks, ashlar, pavers, steps, stones, rubble, and crushed rock.

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    Lava Rock Fire Pit

    rectangular fire pit
    J. Montgomery Designs

    A young family that spends lots of time at home but loves the outdoors requested that J. Montgomery Landscape Architects design a "staycation" resort with something for everyone. It just so happens that the father is a professional chef, the mom loves to spend free time perfecting her tennis game, while the children also enjoy tennis, swimming, and goofing around on the lawn. Montgomery created a vegetable and herb garden for the chef, along with a small fruit orchard and an outdoor kitchen cabana. When everyone's done doing their various activities, they congregate on the flagstone patio and enjoy roasting marshmallows in the fire pit, which is filled with lava rock.

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    Boise Paver Fire Pit

    stone fire pit
    Photo by Peter Lovera

    In a place with lots of land and a big, open sky, you want to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and spend as much time as possible outside. J. Truex Architecture designed a large mountain home in Boise, Idaho, that's big on space and outdoor features, like a fire pit made from tumbled paver blocks with a steel ring insert. Stone pillars and boulders surround the landscape and a paver patio is nice and large, which matches the proportions of the house.

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    Flagstone Fire Pit

    fire pit design
    Roel Kuiper

    Although the climate is often ideal, outdoor space for many properties in Southern California is limited. For ras-a, a Los Angeles-based design and build studio, a flagstone patio surrounded by low-to-the-ground, stylized Adirondack chairs was the perfect setting for a simple stone fire pit. Filling in the spaces among the flagstone is silver carpet (Dymondia margaretae), a drought tolerant ground cover that has a neat, compact growing habit.

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    Corner Fire Pit

    fire pit and chairs
    Paradise Found

    A newish home in an equally new neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, received a brand new yard with the help of Paradise Restored, a local landscape designer-build firm. Starting almost with a clean slate (bare yard), Paradise gave the Finch family a yard with various activity zones that are all connected by paths or paving. In addition to an outdoor kitchen, bar, dining area, living room, semi-private spa, trees and planting beds, the landscape design firm created a cozy fire pit area in a corner of the yard. Constructed of stone, the pit is situated on a stone patio and encircled by wood chairs, with small tables for drinks or food.

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    Granite Stone Veneer

    stone fire pits

    Warming things up on a chilly Chicago evening is a custom-built gas fire pit made with an American granite stone veneer and a bluestone cap. Designed by Kemora Landscapes, the space allows the homeowners the opportunity to hang out together or entertain outside. Other family-friendly features designed by Kemora include an outdoor kitchen, a dining space, fireplace, and room in the future for a basketball court. Back to the fire pit: it's filled with amber fire glass.

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    Louisville Sandstone Fire Pit

    stone fire pits
    Jason Yann

    Sunbrella-upholstered seating surrounds a sandstone stacked fire pit situated on sone paver patio. Designed by Stacye Love Construction and Design the home is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

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    Cultured Stone Veneer

    stone fire pit
    Parker Homescape

    A half-circle seating wall allows the owners of this home in Warren Township, New Jersey, to enjoy the stone fire pit on chilly evenings. Designed by Parker Homescape, the wall and fire pit are built of masonry with cultured stone veneer on a natural cleft bluestone random-pattern patio. 

    The adjacent pondless water feature was built with Delaware river boulder and moss rock. At night, soft LED lighting illuminates the pond, seating and fire pit.

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    Amber Glass Rock

    stone fire pit
    Fautt Homes

    This San Francisco area home is actually owned by the designers, Fautt Home. Instead of having to build their own, the stone fire pit was already in place--all they had to do was replace lava rock inside the pit with amber glass rocks. Of course, being designers, they did have to add their touch to the space, building trellises around the pit to add some structure to that part of the yard to balance out the heaviness of the nearby cabana. 

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    Blue Ridge Built-In

    stone fire pit designs
    Rebecca Lehde

    Located on a hill overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains and Lake Keowee, a palatial English manor home features a stone-covered bluestone patio with a round built-in fire pit. Interiors for the view estate were designed by Studio ID of Greenville, South Carolina.

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    Craftsman Brick and Flagstone Fire Pit

    stone fire pit closeup

    Offering a look at a fire pit before it is filled, you can see all that goes into a project. Built with bricks, the round pit features a flagstone veneer and mortar. It is then capped or edged with level flagstone. This particular project was designed and built by DRS Lawn & Landscape for a Craftsman-style house in New York.

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    Italian Marble

    Renaissance-inspired homes or homes with decor featuring classical architecture can have ornate, carved, or polished marble stone fire pits that transport you back to a romantic, opulent past with decadent flourishes, like richly commissioned works of art.

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    Concrete Wall Blocks

    Concrete wall blocks surrounding fire pit with pot cooking on top

    rudchenko / Getty Images

    Concrete retaining wall blocks, like Nicolock, can be combined with a metal fire ring or capstone. It's budget-friendly, looks good, and is easy to assemble. It looks more expensive than it really is.

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    All Natural Rock Fire Pit

    All natural rocks encircling fire in grass

    wolv / Getty Images

    When you think of a fire pit, stacked rocks arranged in a circle to contain the fire is a classic look. This tried-and-true stone fire pit is easy to build using natural rocks. You might not even have to go to a quarry or order them. If you have a rocky property, for the cost of nothing, you can build an authentic firepit with what you have on hand, and it can last a long time.

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    Stone Fire Bowl

    Stone fire bowl with lighted fire surrounded by patio furniture

    irina88w / Getty Images

    For a modern, contemporary feel, a stone fire bowl is an elegant alternative to a fire pit. You can mound decorative lava rocks in the fire bowl to deliver warmth, elegance, and drama. These prefabricated fire bowls can come built with a spark-ignition button to light a stainless-steel burner for odorless, smokeless fire.

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    Veneer and Concrete Kit

    Stone fire pits can also be constructed using a kit. You'll use poured concrete for the foundation, fire bricks for the interior lining of the pit, and will clad the exterior with thin stone veneer. The fire bricks are a must-have to protect the thin veneered stone from the excessive heat.

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    In-Ground Stone Fire Pit

    In ground fire pit surrounded by wooden chairs on stone patio

    nelsonarts / Getty Images

    You can build a sunken stone fire pit from all the same materials as an above-ground fire pit, but there are some things to consider when going below-ground. From a fire safety standpoint, in-ground fire pits are often safer because they are smaller and contain the flames more than an above the ground fire pit. The biggest negative with this type of fire pit—especially if you have young children—is they are easier to fall into.