21 Stone Fire Pit Ideas for a Rustic Outdoor Space

Upgrade your backyard or patio with a stone fire pit for year-round enjoyment

Light gray stone and round fire pit with fire inside

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Stone fire pits look right at home in an outdoor space, creating a natural look on a rustic backyard stone patio or an organic feel in a rugged mountain or waterfront setting. Check out these rustic stone fire pit ideas in a range of styles and settings for inspiration on how to upgrade your outdoor space. 


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    Fire Pit Built-In

    stone fire pit built into stone border

    Paradise Restored

    Overlooking an absolutely stunning river view, this gorgeous outdoor landscaping project designed by Paradise Restored lives up to the company's name. This property is located in Hayden's Island in Portland, Oregon and features a sloped backyard—but that didn't keep the designers from creating an elegant outdoor retreat. The stone seating wall is perfect for sitting and taking in the view, but take a closer look, and you will notice the stone fire pit is built right into the wall. The result is a seamless transition that doesn't take up unnecessary space.

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    Tuscan Style

    stone fire put with stone surround

    CJ Salzano

    A fire pit designed with stones clustered in a circle is a classic and authentic look for this patio space designed by CJ Salzano. The warm, earthy tones in both the seating wall and the fire pit are inviting, supported by a golden sandstone patio.

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    Colored Glass

    circular stone fire put with glue glass

    J Montgomery Designs

    A San Francisco area homeowner wanted a fire pit with plenty of seating for her home's outdoor makeover. J. Montgomery Landscape Architects designed and built a stone fireplace surrounded by plenty of lawn chairs for adequate seating without any overcrowding. Blue fire glass complements the chairs.

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    Multi-Color Slate Patio With Cozy Fire Pit

    stone fire put with stone bench

    CJ Salzano

    A round fire pit built with multi-color stone with a matching stone seating bench provides the perfect corner to relax around the fire on a coll evening. Designed by CJ Salzano, the space includes a patio made of multicolor slate.

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    Rectangular Pit

    square stone fire pit

    Paradise Restored

    Another backyard patio designed by Paradise Restored, the tan stone rectangular fire pit is the perfect addition to the entertaining space. The fire pit is surrounded by an L-shaped seat wall with built-in seat backs, creating the perfect cozy corner.

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    Lava Rock Fire Pit

    rectangular fire pit

    J. Montgomery Designs

    A young family that spends lots of time at home but loves the outdoors requested that J. Montgomery Landscape Architects design a "staycation" resort with something for everyone. It just so happens that the father is a professional chef; the mom loves to spend free time perfecting her tennis game, while the children also enjoy tennis, swimming, and goofing around on the lawn. Montgomery created a vegetable and herb garden for the chef, a small fruit orchard, and an outdoor kitchen cabana. When everyone's done doing their various activities, they congregate on the flagstone patio and enjoy roasting marshmallows in the fire pit, which is filled with lava rock.

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    Appaloosa Brick Fire Pit

    stone fire pit

    J Truex Architecture

    In a place with lots of land and a big, open sky, you want to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and spend as much time as possible outside. J. Truex Architecture designed a large mountain home in Appaloosa, New Mexico, that's big on space and outdoor features, like a fire pit made from bricks arranged on a circular brick patio. The setup was constructed away from the house, perfect for privacy.

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    Large Stone Fire Pit

    stone fire pit

    Earthadelic Landscape & Construction

    Of course, fire pits don't have to be perfectly laid stone one on top of the other. This gorgeous fire pit designed by Earthadelic Landscape & Construction took large stones and arranged each one to create a border around the literal hole dug into the ground. The results give the patio a rustic, relaxed feel.

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    Corner Fire Pit

    fire pit and chairs

    Paradise Restored

    A newish home in an equally new neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, received a brand-new yard with the help of Paradise Restored, a local landscape designer-build firm. Starting almost with a clean slate (bare yard), Paradise gave the Finch family a yard with various activity zones that are all connected by paths or paving. In addition to an outdoor kitchen, bar, dining area, living room, semi-private spa, trees, and planting beds, the landscape design firm created a cozy fire pit area in a corner of the yard. Constructed of stone, the pit is situated on a stone patio and encircled by wood chairs, with small tables for drinks or food.

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    Stone Fire Pit Surrounded by Patio Pavers

    stone fire pit in garden

    Earthadelic Landscape & Construction

    Another fire pit designed by Earthadelic, this stone fire pit was constructed in the midst of a backyard garden space. Patio pavers made of the same stone create a pathway around the pit, while lush greenery and plant life surround the space.

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    Split Level Fire Pit

    stone fire pit with teak stools

    Paradise Restored

    The Baur Property in Portland, Oregon, wanted to go for something more on the eclectic side. Cue the split-level firepit wall with a carefully crafted design. While the wall provides plenty of seating, the additional teak stools add a bit of flair. The whole space is tied together with a stone paver patio.

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    Private Stone Sire Pit Placement

    oval stone fire put

    Paradise Restored

    This backyard patio, located in Vancouver, Washington, belongs to the Calvery family, who were looking to turn their backyard into a sanctuary with room for the whole family. Each designated area was constructed to give everyone something to do—featuring a spa, built-in long bar, grilling station, and even a trampoline. The fire pit is located away from the other spaces, with an oval concrete bowl fire pit surrounded by white deck chairs and a stone bench wall. It's the perfect relaxing haven for some peace and quiet.

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    Small and Compact Fire Pit

    small stone fire pit

    Earthadelic Landscape and Construction

    Who says a fire pit needs to be huge? This stone laid patio does the trick, with a small firepit nestled between two wooden chairs.

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    Blue Ridge Built-In

    fire pit setup overlooking nature view

    ID Studio Interiors

    Located on a hill overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains and Lake Keowee, a stately English manor home features a bluestone-covered patio with a round built-in fire pit. Interiors for the estate were designed by ID Studio of Greenville, South Carolina.

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    Stone Fire Pit Surrounded by Plant Oasis

    cement stone fire pit


    Surrounding your stone pit with a plant oasis is a win in our book. This patio by Cottage+Sea features a concrete stone fire pit filled with blue glass, giving off an oceanic vibe. White wicker furniture and an oversize umbrella make this space feel more like a spa than something you would find in your own backyard.

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    Rustic Landscape

    stone fire pit patio separate from house

    Paradise Restored

    This gorgeous home is located in Sherwood, Oregon, with landscaping designed by Paradise Restored. The rustic landscape is the perfect setting for a stone fire pit constructed away from the rest of the outdoor space. A little extra privacy allows you to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the great outdoors.

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    Concrete Wall Blocks

    stone fire pit that matches stone patio

    Earthadelic Landscape & Construction

    Concrete retaining wall blocks, like Nicolock, can be combined with a metal fire ring or capstone. It's budget-friendly, looks good, and is easy to assemble. It looks more expensive than it really is.

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    Light Things Up

    stone fire put with lights surrounding it

    Earthadelic Landscape and Construction

    The placement of this fire pit is already a unique feature in this patio designed by Earthadelic—nestled between two stone border walls. However, the addition of the lights along the walls and fire pit itself add some extra ambiance.

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    Stone Fire Bowl

    stone fire pit bowl

    J Montgomery Landscape Architects

    A stone fire bowl is an elegant alternative to a fire pit for a modern, contemporary feel. You can mound decorative lava rocks in the fire bowl to deliver warmth, elegance, and drama. These prefabricated fire bowls can come built with a spark-ignition button to light a stainless-steel burner for odorless, smokeless fire.

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    Combining Elements

    cement fire pit with wooden table built around it

    Paradise Restored

    We love a cement fire pit—the sturdy material is ideal for one that is durable, long-lasting. However, this patio takes things one step further by building a wooden table around the fire pit, which is perfect for entertaining guests. A half-circle seating wall covered with cushions allows plenty of room—the more the merrier.

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    Sliced Boulder Fire Pit

    giant slab of stone turned into firepit

    J Montgomery Landscape Architects

    Talk about going big or going home. This unconventional fire pit designed by J Montgomery Landscape Architects takes the idea of a classic stone fire pit and amps things up. A giant boulder was sliced in half and had a small section carved out. The transformation not only creates a one-of-a-kind statement but will certainly last for years to come.

  • Does a stone fire pit need a liner?

    Yes, stone fire pits do need a liner. Only fire pits made of fire bricks can skip using a liner. Be careful to use a stainless steel liner when constructing a permanent stone fire pit to ensure safety and increase durability. 

  • Do stone fire pits crack?

    Stone fire pits can crack from extreme heat. To avoid cracking, take care to select stones that are resistant to high temperatures, rather than using whatever boulders you find lying around in the backyard. Sandstone or river rocks are porous, wet stones that can crack at high temperatures, while hard rocks such as slate, marble, or granite are better heat-resistant options for your outdoor fire pit. 

  • How do you vent a stone fire pit?

    A stone fire pit should be vented on opposite sides to provide cross ventilation and allow heat, gas, smoke, or chemicals to escape. Depending on the construction of your stone fire pit, you can either create a gap when laying out stones and install a metal vent cover, or drill a hole in the stone near the base of the fire pit on opposite sides.