57 Fireplace Decor Ideas That Will Warm Your Hearth

Fireplace decor ideas exposed white brick hearth with wooden mantel and fire burning

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Everyone loves a fireplace, that symbol of hearth, home, and cozy nights spent cuddling up with the ones you love. Fireplaces are practical architectural elements and decorative accents all in one that serve as a natural focal point in any room—from the living room to the family room to the bedroom and beyond—and when decorated properly can add a cozy feel even if they're not.

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace but aren't sure how to decorate it to make it look its best even when it isn't filled with a roaring fire, check out these fireplaces in a range of materials and styles for inspiration.

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    Add a Tile Feature

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Judith Balis Interiors / Photo by Allison Corona

    In this living room from Judith Balis Interiors, a black-and-white patterned tile surround enhances the neutral decor scheme, and a chunky mantel painted black adds a modern touch. Lower built-ins flanking the fireplace with matching table lamps and accessories add symmetry, and a pair of tall rectangular mirrors with slim black frames reflect light and double views. A color photo of a white long-haired bull over the fireplace is an animal-friendly alternative to a traditional trophy head that will put a smile on everyone's face.

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    Add Curves

    fireplace decor ideas

    Photo by Lara Kimmerer

    A cylindrical fireplace on a curved wall clad in the same tile adds quiet drama that highlights the architecture of this spacious living room, complete with a grand piano and a conversation area for after dinner drinks by the fire.

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    Make It a Double

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Michelle Gerson Interiors / Photo by Brittany Ambridge

    The floor-to-ceiling double fireplace in this Hamptons home from Michelle Gerson Interiors is covered in warm wood slats that add texture and warmth to the airy white-walled room, and act as a room divider between seating areas. The firebox is trimmed with a recessed frame with a slightly worn patina that adds interest to the bright and modern space.

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    Preserve Exposed Brick

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Emilie Fournet Interiors / Photo by Kasia Fizser

    While everyone loves a roaring fire, if your fireplace isn't in working condition or you don't use it to burn firewood, don't miss the opportunity to treat it as the natural focal point that it is. If you have an original exposed brick fireplace that lends authenticity and a sense of history to your space, even better. In this London flat designed by Emilie Fournet Interiors, the aged patina of the bricks on the fireplace adds texture and interest to the light, neutral-toned room, and a chunky modern pale wood mantel adds a modern rustic feel.

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    Wallpaper the Built-Ins

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Caroline Andréoni Interior Design / Photo by Sophie Lloyd

    Caroline Andréoni Interior Design gave the classic French fireplace wall in this Paris living room a refresh with moody tones of blue and black, with peacock blue paint and a patterned wallpaper wall behind the dark shelving on the built-in bookshelves flanking the period fireplace. In place of the large mirror typically hung over the mantels of French fireplaces, the designer hung a smaller version of a classic Louis Philippe mirror that pops against the paint color and puts a gentle spin on tradition.

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    Lighten It Up

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Margaret Austin Photo

    Not every fireplace is the main focal point of a room. In this open plan 1956 John Calder Mackay house living room from Cathie Hong Interiors, the midcentury modern brick fireplace was painted in a soft white that gives it a clean, textured look. A pair of armchairs, a small table, and a Greta Grossman-designed Grasshopper floor lamp create a cozy reading spot and conversation area that floats in the middle of the spacious room.

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    Stain It Dark

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Kibler & Kirch / Photo by Lucy Call

    This living room fireplace from Billings, MT-based Kibler & Kirch has a rich dark wood stain that gives it presence and that pops against contrasting white walls. To customize the mantel, principal Jeremiah Young hung a mirror made from salvaged hickory saplings that he designed for Old Hickory Furniture. Antique books, two wooden sculptures including one of a bighorn sheep and a sketch of a Native American chief that nods to the region’s history round out the mantel decor.

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    Hang Large-Scale Art

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Styling by Hilary Robertson / Photo by Erin Kelly

    Leanne Ford Interiors decorated the blush pink wall above the curvy white wood mantel in this young girl's room with a large-scale image of a carefree kid in motion on a skateboard, leaving the mantel free for a changing assortment of favorite objects.

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    Add a Glass Front

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Atelier Davis / Photo by Heidi Harris 

    Interior designer Jessica Davis of Atelier Davis chose a sleek glass-front fireplace with a flat charcoal gray chimney wall and matching joinery around the fireplace insert, adding a sculptural metallic wall accent to create a clean, modern look.

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    Whitewash It

    fireplace decor ideas

    Jessica Nelson Design / Carina Skrobecki Photography

    The whitewashed brick fireplace adds texture and suits the muted tones, chunky pale wood mantel and floating shelves, and overall modern farmhouse style vibes of this airy family room from Jessica Nelson Design.

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    Frame It Out

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Brexton Cole Interiors

    If you're going to commit the modern interior design crime that is hanging a flat screen over your fireplace mantel, if you can afford it, at least make it a Frame TV so that you can fill the blank screen with art or photography when you're not watching hours of your favorite series, like this living room from Brexton Cole Interiors, rather than leaving a glaring black mark on your room decor.

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    Add Color

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Kibler & Kirch / Gibeon Photography

    Kibler & Kirch added touches of bold yellow throughout this Missoula, MT home, including a vibrant bird painting over the mantel of a green tile fireplace that adds an Arts and Crafts touch to the contemporary great room.

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    Use Dramatic Marble

    fireplace decor ideas

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Tessa Neustadt

    The veined black marble fireplace in this Art Deco-inspired bedroom from Emily Henderson Design creates a dramatic focal point, while a gallery wall of black-and-white sketches in identical white frames hung in neat rows hanging on the wall above the mantel adds a modern graphic touch.

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    Paint It Pink

    fireplace decor ideas

    deVOL Kitchens

    In this charming English kitchen from deVOL Kitchens, a simple firebox without a surround is outfitted with a wood-burning stove, while the chimney wall is painted in cotton candy pink that, paired with vintage art, an antique chandelier, a green tile backsplash, and gold accents, creates a dreamy and eccentric space.

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    Add Primary Colors

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by JLF Architects and Natasha Wallis Interior Design / Photo by Audrey Hall

    A striking unframed large-scale painting adds primary color and breaks up the expanses of stone and wood in this vaulted Park City, UT living room from JLF Architects and Natasha Wallis Interior Design.

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    Follow the Roofline

    fireplace decor ideas

    Urbanology Designs / Matti Gresham Photography

    This contemporary fireplace from Urbanology Designs mixes black, white, and wood to fit seamlessly into the modern living room, while black paint on the chimney wall reaches up to the ceiling to highlight the shape of the pitched roofline.

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    Make It a Whole Wall

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Reid Rolls

    Leanne Ford Interiors created a full wall fireplace feature with a graphic 3-dimensional feel finished in a concrete skimcoat in this modern living room. A pair of oversized pottery vessels fills the off-season firebox.

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    Add Cobalt Accents

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Emilie Fournet Interiors / Photo by Kasia Fiszer

    This London living room from Emilie Fournet Interiors mixes old and new, with a simple large round mirror hung over the classic marble and ironwork fireplace. The mantel is decorated with colored glass and candles in striking cobalt blue, adding contrast to the warm gray walls and complementing the gold-toned accents and modern furniture throughout the room.

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    Layer Artwork

    fireplace decor ideas

    Erin Williamson Design

    Erin Williamson Design layered stacked framed artwork with a few small sculptures on this squat, wide midcentury modern living room fireplace that detract from the wall-mounted flat screen and help fill the space to give the eye something to focus on when the fire is out.

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    Mix Materials

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Tessa Neustadt

    Leanne Ford Interiors added a vintage metal wood-burning fireplace on this inside of this rustic 1906 cabin stone fireplace that adds practicality and retro charm that fits in with the whitewashed rustic chic design of the rest of the interior.

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    Zigzag It

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Studio Peake

    Studio Peake added a zingy black-and-white zigzag tile surround to the classic white wood fireplace in this spacious London living room that adds a graphic modern touch.

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    Add Vintage Charm

    fireplace decor ideas

    Fantastic Frank

    A classic Swedish tiled wood-burning stove that is both decorative and functional adds a note of antique charm to the corner of this modern, neutral-toned living room from Fantastic Frank that transcends time and trends.

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    Go for Granite

    fireplace decor ideas

    WRJ Design / Photo by Tuck Fauntleroy

    A massive gray granite fireplace is topped with a chunky wood mantel and a bronze elk mount by artist Ashley Tudor in this modern rustic Jackson Hole, WY guest house from WRJ Design. The animal theme is continued throughout the room with a cow hide rug and a pair of animal portraits above the home bar.

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    Tile All Over

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Reid Rolls

    A bold graphic patterned tile fireplace is just one of the striking design elements in this living room from Leanne Ford Interiors with its dark wood ceiling beams, aged bronze pendant light fixture, black leather Chesterfield sofa, crimson velvet armchairs, and sculptural coffee and side tables.

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    Fill It With Greenery

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Sarah & Sons Interiors / Photo by Sarah Szwajkos

    In this cozy dining room from Sarah & Sons Interiors, the non-working original fireplace is painted in the same blue as the rest of the walls to create a seamless and cohesive feel, while a leafy green plant obscures the empty firebox.

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    Keep It Minimalist

    fireplace decor ideas

    Louis Duncan-He Designs / Photo by Heather Dunbar

    Louis Duncan-He Designs added a slim rectangular firebox insert in an otherwise minimalist white wall that doesn't take up much visual space when unlit and adds a touch of warmth when the fire is going.

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    Layer Patterns

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Alexandra Ribar

    This dining room fireplace from Leanne Ford Interiors is layered with flowery decor details—from the floral flourishes on the carved surround to the black-and-white floral tile detailing, a mirror above with a frame decorated with carved vines, large scale floral wallpaper, and a pair of vases with fresh flowers on the mantel.

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    Add a Modern Wood-Burning Stove

    fireplace decor ideas

    Jessie Tobias Design / Photo by Sarah Szwajkos

    Jessie Tobias Design added a handsome black wood-burning stove on the side wall of this comfortable living room that adds a touch of warmth while blending in seamlessly with the clean modern lines and furnishings of the space.

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    Hang Black-and-White Photography

    fireplace decor ideas

    Envi Interior Design / Photo by Audrey Hall

    Bozeman, MT-based Envi Interior Design transformed this ski-in, ski-out chalet in Big Sky, Montana’s Moonlight Basin, trading yellowing pine for modern white walls and dark-painted trim. A large-scale black-and-white photograph over the fireplace complements the modern feel of the room while reflecting a snowy scene that recalls the local landscape. The fireplace includes built-in recessed storage for firewood, while a contemporary sculpture by a local Bozeman artist adds another texture.

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    Add Gilded Details

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Erin Kelly

    Leanne Ford Interiors hung an ornate gilded mirror on the minimalist fireplace of this all-white living room and added a shiny bronze antique fan fireplace screen in front to gild the lily.

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    Refresh a Vintage Fireplace

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Brexton Cole Interiors

    Brexton Cole Interiors gave the classic fireplace in this 1920s Tudor home a refresh with matte black paint, black-and-white star-patterned tile, and a trio of art and objects on the mantelpiece that juxtapose old and new with a self-conscious dose of kitsch.

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    Pencil It In

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Styling by Hilary Robertson / Photo by Erin Kelly

    Leanne Ford Interiors added a playful touch above the living room fireplace by adding a line drawing of penciled-in objects and decor that adds a surprising homemade touch to this well appointed neutral-toned living room.

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    Build It Out

    fireplace decor ideas

    Louis Duncan-He Designs / Eymeric Wilding Photography

    Louis Duncan-He Designs turned the fireplace wall of this black-and-white living room into a graphic high contrast display for a vinyl collection, layering art with a vintage-style mirror on the mantel of the all-white fireplace that gives it presence while allowing the rest of the decor to stand out.

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    Add a Firewood Niche

    fireplace decor ideas

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Emily Henderson Design added a graphic framed print above the firebox and stacked a tall fireplace wall niche with firewood that is both practical and decorative, filling the the wall without upstaging the wide open picture window view.

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    Paint It Black

    fireplace decor ideas

    Laquita Tate Interior Styling + Design

    Laquita Tate Interior Styling + Design painted the tall brick fireplace in this spacious and light-flooded living room in a matte charcoal black shade that anchors the room and is a great foil for touches of green and gold.

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    Add Contrast

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by JLF Architects and Natasha Wallis Interior Design / Photo by Lucy Call

    JLF Architects and Natasha Wallis Interior Design contrasted floor-to-ceiling glass-and-steel windows with an artisanal stacked stone fireplace wall in the primary bedroom of this Park City, UT home. A reclaimed wood mantel adds character and contrast while an oil painting from the homeowners’ Western art collection and a bold blue rug add color.

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    Use Warm Metal Tones

    fireplace decor ideas

    Kasey Fitzgerald Design / Photo by Allison Corona

    Kasey Fitzgerald Design added warmth and contrast to a classic white wood and marble fireplace by layering art and objects with a vintage-style mirror and candlesticks in warm gold-toned metals.

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    Go Retro

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Maestri Studio / Photo by Nathan Schroder

    In this retro living room from Maestri Studio, a monumental stone wall fireplace feature and vintage furniture and decor gives the room an authentic midcentury modern feel that looks like it's been that way forever.

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    Tone It Down

    fireplace decor ideas

    Austin Gray Design Group / Photo by Lara Kimmerer

    Austin Gray Design Group kept the wall above the corner fireplace in this primary bedroom suite blank to keep the focus on the wallpaper and keep the room from feeling too busy. A pair of chairs and a small table define the space and create a cozy spot for a glass of wine before bed.

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    Go Green

    fireplace decor ideas

    Louis Duncan-He Designs / Photo by Genevieve Renee

    Louis Duncan-He Designs designed a custom gas fireplace with built-ins on either side to create a central focus, painting the front in a textured green that gives it presence and originality.

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    Make a DIY Firewood Holder

    fireplace decor ideas

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona decorated her white brick fireplace with a DIY log holder and an assortment of candles in a corner of the firebox that create a cozy feel even when the fire isn't lit.

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    Reference Your Surroundings

    fireplace decor ideas

    WRJ Design / Photo by Tuck Fauntleroy

    WRJ Design hung a barn painting above the rustic reclaimed wood mantel on this stacked stone fireplace that is reminiscent of the many original barns found throughout the local Jackson, WY area.

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    Mix Old and New

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Emilie Fournet Interiors / Photo by Caitlin Mogridge

    In this London bedroom from Emilie Fournet Interiors, a wall of closets are built in seamlessly around an original non-working fireplace that is painted in royal blue that makes it stand out against the modern wall treatment and creates a natural focal point opposite the bed that feels comforting even without the fire element.

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    Try Shades of Brown

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Tyler Karu Design and Interiors / Photo by Erin Little

    In this Spanish Colonial style living room from Tyler Karu Design and Interiors, the fireplace is covered with glossy cinnamon-colored hexagonal tiles that tie in with the earthy brown finishes and vintage accents found throughout the room.

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    Make It Disappear

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Caroline Andréoni Interior Design / Photo by Sophie Lloyd

    While a classic French fireplace is often the focal point of a room, in this sophisticated French living room from Caroline Andréoni Interior Design, it's covered in the matte black paint found on the walls and ceiling, making it nearly disappear into the enveloping moody feel of the room.

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    Add Topiaries

    fireplace decor ideas

    AHG Interiors

    AHG Interiors added a trio of topiaries on the mantel of this Rhinebeck, NY living room mantel that adds a sculptural touch while a landscape painting adds earthy color and the scene it depicts adds depth.

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    Add Neutral Layers

    fireplace decor ideas

    Finding Lovely

    Finding Lovely added a patterned tile surround in a subtle flower motif to refresh this primary bedroom fireplace while sticking with the light neutral whites and beige toned palette of the space. A decorative mirror, artwork, and objects are layered on top of the mantel to give it a finished feel.

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    Keep It Contemporary

    fireplace decor ideas

    Folding Chair Design Co. / Photo by Jenn Verrier

    Folding Chair Design Co. added a streamlined marble surround to the fireplace and hung a pair of modern bronze wall sconces and a wavy round mirror that add a contemporary feel to this airy living room.

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    Change Directions

    fireplace decor ideas

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Ashley Montgomery Design added black herringbone tile laid in a horizontal herringbone pattern on the inside of this white painted brick fireplace to add subtle variation while sticking with a neutral palette. A chunky raw wood mantel with a muted landscape painting hanging on the wall above adds warmth.

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    Make It Kid-Friendly

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Curated Nest Interiors / Jacob Snavely Photography

    In this charming kids room from Curated Nest Interiors, the non-working fireplace becomes a purely decorative focal point and touchstone thanks to a gold-toned round mirror and a plant, while a fluffy sheepskin placed in front gives cozy vibes without the fire hazard.

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    Add a Skim Coat

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Amy Neunsinger

    Leanne Ford Interiors enhanced the rustic feel of the brick fireplace in this 1920s hunting cabin in the canyons of LA with a gray concrete skim coat that gives it a handmade feel, stuffing a series of decorative busts in the niches to give it an eclectic feel.

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    Stucco It Out

    fireplace decor ideas

    Designed by Michael Keck for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    In this sunny living room designed by Michael Keck for Emily Henderson Design, an intricate tile surround on the firebox and decorative dark-stained wood pedestals beneath a niche decorated with art and objects complement the smooth stucco fireplace and add a sense of authenticity to the design.

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    Reflect Light

    fireplace decor ideas

    Urbanology Designs / Matti Gresham Photography

    Urbanology Designs added a tall arched mirror with a slim frame above the gray fireplace in this neutral-toned, high-ceilinged living room that brings the eye upward and reflects light and views.

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    Leave It Alone

    fireplace decor ideas

    Home Consultant

    A monumental fireplace wall of original brick in this historic Los Angeles adobe home from Home Consultant sets the tone for the room, complementing wide plank wood floors and dark wood ceiling beams for a warm and authentic feel.

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    Add Plant Ledges

    fireplace decor ideas

    Louis Duncan-He Designs / Eymeric Wilding Photography

    This midcentury modern-inspired fireplace from Louis Duncan-He Designs has stacked stone that extends to the ceiling and a pair of small staggered plant ledges hung on either side that are filled with trailing plants to add a note of greenery to the mineral facade.

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    Go High

    fireplace decor ideas

    Design by Curated Nest Interiors / Jacob Snavely Photography

    A series of identically framed sailboat pictures hang on the wall above the fireplace in this space from Curated Nest Interiors that draw the eyes up to the showstopping ceilings.

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    Add Originality

    fireplace decor ideas

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Emily Henderson Design added a colorful framed painting above the mantel and a blackened antique metal fireplace screen in front of this vintage wood and brick fireplace that add a sense of originality and complement the adjoining stained glass framed window.

What types of fireplaces are there?

There are many types of fireplaces, from wood-burning to ventless gas to ethanol-powered, and electric. And there are even more variations when it comes to style and materials. Whether your fireplace is made of brick, tile, wood, stone, stucco, metal, or any combination of the above will help determine how you choose to decorate and embellish it.

How do you decorate a fireplace?

If you use your fireplace, you can incorporate decorative screens, vintage andirons, and tools to add charm and interest. If you can't or choose not to light a fire in the hearth, you can fill it with LED flame or wax pillar candles, plants, decor objects, decorative firewood, or even books for an eclectic feel. Whether you use it or not, you can treat the mantel as a rotating display of favorite objects or seasonal decor that can be rotated in and out throughout the year.