Fireplace Screens and Accessories

Light white interior photographed with natural light. Flat brick wall with fake fireplace, candles, roll of papers and house plant on the table
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Whether you have a wood-burning, gas, or even a non-functioning fireplace that's purely architectural, there are certainly better ways to dress your hearth than with a wire mesh curtain or that flimsy tri-fold screen you've been using. Here are some clever ways to dress your fireplace, as well as a selection of fireplace screens for every taste.

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    Firewood Facade

    faux firewood facade
    Pepper Design Blog

    First, if you're the DIY-type, build a simple facade for your fireplace to use in the off-season. This project gives the illusion of a stack of logs, which lends texture to your space and is certainly more attractive than gazing at a stark, black hole. Perfect for achieving a lodge look, this fake-out is also a great solution for a non-functioning fireplace.

    Fireplace Facade from Pepper

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    DIY a Fireplace Screen

    fireplace screen window sash
    In My Own Style

    Here's another DIY device. Try making your own fireplace screen from a window sash. Look for old windows at flea markets, thrift stores or secondhand shops that specialize in re-purposed items; many of these have architectural salvage for you to pick through. Just remember to measure the opening of your fireplace first and take a tape measure with you on your search.

    Fireplace Screen from In My Own Style

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    Customize a Store-Bought Screen

    spray painted fireplace screen
    June and Bear

    If you have a perfectly functional fireplace screen, but don't love the style, a can of spray paint can work wonders.  This inexpensive screen was painted an unexpected shade of citron, making the hearth a focal point with modern flair.

    Image Source: June and Bear via Pinterest

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    Opt for Candlelight

    candles in fireplace
    Home Made Modern

    If you love the idea of a fire but hate the mess, opt for candlelight instead. Arrange lots of pillar candles in a fireplace to achieve the effect of firelight without the heat. This is a great solution for a non-functioning fireplace, or for creating ambiance during warmer months. Place a mirror behind the candles to reflect the glow even more.

    Alternatively, buy a candelabra made especially for fireplaces.

    Use LED candles, unscented pillars, or if you want, try scented candles, but be choosy about what scents you use. Florals could be way too overpowering; however, it could be fun to choose smoky or woodsy scents like cedar wood, or even evergreen for the holidays.

    If you would like to use tea lights (which are less expensive), drill shallow holes slightly larger than a standard tea light in several logs using a hole saw, or buy a set of resin logs made for this very purpose.

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    Dressing up Your Hearth with Blankets

    Basket full of blankets
    Beneath the Heart

    If you have a non-functioning fireplace, a screen may seem superfluous to you.  But if you love the look of your fireplace architecturally and still want to convey the idea of it, try placing cozy accents inside it like baskets full of blankets!

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    Mix It Up Each Season

    Pumpkins in fireplace
    Better Homes and Gardens

    You can also fill your non-functioning fireplace with different seasonal items throughout the year, like colorful pumpkins!

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    Go for Natural Elements

    Pine cones in fireplace
    Erin's Art and Gardens

    Try filling it with natural, seasonal elements like pine cones or branches!