24 Beautifully Tiled Fireplaces

Gray and white patterned tile fireplace in middle of brightly-lit and decorated living room

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

A fireplace is supposed to be an attractive focal point, but if yours is grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons, consider giving it a face-lift with beautiful tile. There are plenty of stylish options available that will transform a sad fire surround into a feature you will adore. Are you game? These 24 ideas will inspire you to create a hearthside worthy of cozying up to year-round.

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    Colorful Fish Scale Tile

    Fish scale tile fireplace with mantle.

    Tileometry / Instagram

    This rustic fireplace shared by Tileometry proves that fish-scale-inspired tile is not just for bathroom walls or kitchen backsplashes. Turning the tile sideways toward the bottom keeps the overall pattern from becoming an optical illusion that makes your eyes go funny. Because the tiles shown above are hand-painted, you will notice subtle variations in color.

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    Herringbone Tile Pattern

    Dark gray tile fireplace surround with built-in bookshelves.
    Holly Mathis Interiors

    When it comes to picking the best tile for refreshing an old fireplace, pattern matters. Interior designer Holly Mathis uses mosaic tile in a herringbone arrangement to update a modestly sized fireplace. The zigzag pattern spices things up without upstaging everything else in the living room.

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    Pretty Pebble Tile

    Pebble fireplace surround in living room with white couches and window pane artwork.
    Our Storied Home

    Updating a boring, builder-grade fireplace can be a cinch using a pebble tile kit according to Amanda Hervey at Our Storied Home.

    Luckily, her old surround was flat, so she was able to install the stones over the existing tile. The final result is an earthy-styled fireplace that feels more modern than rustic.

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    Fire Resistant, Wood Look Tiles

    Wood grain found on a tile fireplace surround.
    Phase 2 Builders

    Because wood is flammable, it is not the best material to use around a working fireplace. However, you can get the look of authentic lumber using porcelain, wood-look tile as shown by Phase 2 Builders. Typically sold in planks, tiles such as these come in a wide range of styles and colors that mimics the real thing including exotic woods and reclaimed timber.

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    Fake it with Peel and Stick Tiles

    Before and after of a peel and stick tile fireplace.
    Lay Baby Lay

    Dingy, black tile can make a nonworking fireplace feel like a dark hole. Sure, updating ugly is ideal but installing new tiles can easily cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. What to do?

    This frugal transformation by Joni at Lay Baby Lay uses inexpensive peel-and-stick tile to turn an eyesore fireplace (left) into a beautiful eyepopper (right). The best part, because you do not need heavy-duty tools for cutting or installing, most do-it-yourselfers can complete a project such as this one in less than two hours. Keep in mind that most types of peel-and-stick tile are not suitable for hot surfaces.

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    Do-It-Yourself Hand-Painted Tile

    Before and after of a funky Moracean tile fireplace.
    Earnest Home Company

    Hand-painted tile can add pretty, artisanal appeal to your fire surround; but, they can cost up to $50 per square foot. To save a stack of cash, you can steal this hack by Erin at Earnest Home Company. The thrifty blogger painted inexpensive white tile before installing. To do, you'll need a stencil for the pattern and craft paint that is both waterproof and scuff resistant.

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    Sculptural Wall Tiles

    Mid-century modern tile fireplace with orange couch and coffee table.
    Jennifer Weiss Architecture

    Turn back the clock at home by adding a little vintage style to your contemporary fireplace.

    For instance, this retro family room by Jennifer Weiss Architecture keeps things fresh with mid-century-inspired, sculptural tile that goes up to the ceiling.

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    Mosaic Tile Fireplace

    Blue ceramic tile fireplace with yellow walls and throw.
    Mercury Mosaics

    Jewel-toned tile is a hallmark of the American Craftsman style. So it makes sense that this Craftsman home featured on Mercury Mosaic has a sapphire blue fireplace. The mosaic tile combined with the yellow wall gives the living room a cheerful vibe.

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    Eye-Catching and Colorful Cement Tiles

    Cement tile fireplace with blue couches and coffee table.
    Centsational Style

    Cement tiles have been adorning stylish floors for centuries. They are incredibly durable, and you can find them in a wide range of colorful patterns. How are the designs created? The pigments are mixed into the cement and then poured into a mold to set.

    Cement tiles are also perfect for fireplaces, especially if you are interested in turning the one in your home into a chic centerpiece. A good for instance is this ​remodel by Kate at Centsational Style that features a pretty Moroccan-inspired print.

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    Glazed Square Tile

    Nonworking fireplace with glazed green tile in a living room.
    Indie & Co.

    In this one-bedroom apartment designed by Indie & Co., tiles transform a nonworking fireplace into a new architectural feature. The glazed, green ceramic tile complements the soft pink walls while calling out the natural greenery. The natural fiber rug and handwoven wall hanging both give the space a splash of Scandinavian style.

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    Oversized Subway Tile

    Large rectangular tiled fireplace with two chairs.
    Swing N Cocoa

    Can't find the perfect tile? Shop your local classifieds. Before updating this fireplace, Stephanie at Swing N Cocoa scoured Craigslist to find the material of her dreams at a deep discount. The oversized subway tile gives the traditional mantel a modern twist. This winning project costs less than $200!

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    Modern Farmhouse Fireplace

    White herringbone tile fireplace with dark walls and built-in cabinets.
    Studio McGee

    This farmhouse-inspired fireplace makeover by Studio McGee features a yellow tile back panel in an attractive herringbone pattern. Notice how the pop of buttery color jumps out against the crisp, white brick.

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    Beachy, Stained Glass Tiles

    Glossy blue tile fireplace with chair.
    Charmean Neithart Interiors

    The fireplace in this California cottage remodeled by Charmean Neithart Interiors reflects the beachy vibe of the living room with Caribbean blue tile. Stained glass tiles in a unique shape called Pisces cover the fire surround. The outer hearth is made of a glazed subway tile. In the foreground is a vintage, bamboo chair.

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    Gorgeous Carrara Marble

    Before and after of classic marble hexagon tile.
    The Handmade Home

    When it comes to enduring style, you cannot go wrong with gorgeous Carrara marble. An object lesson is this refashioning by Jamin and Ashley at The Handmade Home. When they replaced their builder-grade mantel, they also updated their fire surround with the timeless material in a classic hexagon shape. To make the alluring tile pattern pop, they used dove gray grout.

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    Classic Basket Weave Tile

    Marble tile fireplace hearth with decorative enclosure.
    For the Love of Character

    Updating an outer hearth can perk up an old fireplace. A fantabulous for instance is this makeover by Mary Elizabeth at For the Love of Character. She replaced the brown brick that was in front of her fire surround with marble tile in a traditional basket weave pattern. To give the new hearth a clean finish, she added a white marble trim.

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    Patterned Cement Tiles

    Scandi-inspired fireplace tile with two couches.
    Veneer Designs

    Check out this showstopping fireplace by Veneer Designs. The handmade cement tile features a geometric pattern inspired by an ancient Aztec design. The Moroccan-inspired rug picks up the tile's eye-popping design.

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    Add Some Pizazz with Grout Paint

    Orange grout fireplace hearth with chair and flowers.
    Effortless Style

    After refreshing this outer hearth with arabesque tile, Camila at Effortless Style gave it a colorful character with orange grout. No worries about the shade becoming passe because updating it is a snap with grout paint. So that you know, some grout paint manufacturers will custom match colors.

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    Vibrant Encaustic Tile

    Feature wall fireplace tile with blue plus signs.

    Popham Design / Instagram

    Encaustic tile incorporates two or more shades of colorful clay to create vibrant patterns. This project by Popham Design uses the dynamic tile to turn a fire surround into a stunning feature wall.

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    Faux Stone Tile

    Before and after of artificial stone tile fireplace.
    Make Life Lovely

    Do you love the look of natural stone but not its price tag? This fireplace by Laura at Make Life Lovely fakes it using inexpensive, faux stone tile, which weighs around 75 percent less than the real thing. Tiles like these are available in a wide range of realistic colors and natural textures with either a flat or organic edge.

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    Brick Style Tile

    Herringbone tile fireplace with artwork above it.
    Hunted Interiors

    The star of this living room remodel by Kristin at Hunted Interiors is the big brick tile in a magnificent shade of taupe. The herringbone pattern hearth contrasts beautifully with the white mantel while picking up the colors of the decorative accessories.

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    Colorful Arabesque Tiles

    Turquoise Moroccan tile fireplace with mantle.
    DIY With Caitlin

    Remodeling does not have to be hard. In fact, removing old tiles may be easier than you think. When updating this fireplace, Caitlin at DIY With Caitlin used a baby jackhammer to demolish the original tiles. The task from start to finish took less than 30 minutes. Afterward, she installed the turquoise, lantern tiles and finished things off with gray grout. The frosting on the cake is the mantel made from reclaimed wood.

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    Classic Subway Tile Never Gets Tired

    Subway tile fireplace with potted plants nearby.
    Nest of Posies

    When remodeling this fireplace in an open concept home, Kellie at Nest of Posies used tiles that matched the materials seen in her kitchen. The fire surround matches her classic subway tile backsplash. The remnant stone tiles covering the outer hearth mimic her Carrera marble countertop.

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    Refresh Your Existing Tile with Paint

    Soft gray subway tile fireplace with guitar, chair, and gourds nearby.
    My Manicured Life

    If your existing tile makes you cringe, you can give it a new life with paint. Here, Julia from My Manicured Life used three different colors to spruce up her nonworking fireplace.

    First, she sprayed the firebox with black, high heat paint. Next, Julia painted the old tile flanking the fireplace light gray. To make her paint project appear realistic, she highlighted the grout lines with white paint.

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    Mix-and-Match Tiles for Visual Interest

    Marble and glass fireplace tiles around a white fireplace.
    The Handyman’s Daughter

    If matchy-matchy décor isn't your thing, mix things up with two different types of tile. This fireplace transformation by Vineta at The Handyman’s Daughter combines Carrara marble (outer hearth) with a multihued glass mosaic.