31 Beautiful Fireplace Tile Ideas for 2022

Gray and white patterned tile fireplace in middle of brightly-lit and decorated living room

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

A fireplace is supposed to be an attractive focal point, but if yours is grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons, consider giving it a face-lift with beautiful tile. There are plenty of stylish options available that will transform a sad fire surround into a feature you will adore. Are you game? These 31 ideas will inspire you to create a hearthside worthy of cozying up to year-round.

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    Go Colorful With Paint

    blue fireplace with painted herringbone tile

    Mary Patton Design

    This gorgeous fireplace designed by Mary Patton proves that sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of paint to transform a space. This fireplace initially was covered in beige tiles that were in need of an upgrade, yet rather than installing brand new ones, she opted to paint both the tile and mantle in this striking color blue (and she used automotive paint to do it!). The result is an eye-catching focal point that brings an energetic feel to the space.

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    Small White Tile Paired With Dark Wood

    white tile fireplace with dark wood trim

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Creating strong contrast can invigorate a fireplace and bring it to life. For a rustic feel, choosing small, white tiles paired with a dark wooden mantle does the trick.

    If you want to try something a little more frugal, inexpensive peel-and-stick tile can turn an eyesore fireplace into a beautiful eyepopper. The best part, because you do not need heavy-duty tools for cutting or installing; most do-it-yourselfers can complete a project such as this one in less than two hours. Keep in mind that most types of peel-and-stick tile are not suitable for hot surfaces.

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    All White Mosaic Tile

    all white fireplace

    Finding Lovely

    This gorgeous fireplace designed by Finding Lovely makes a strong case for an all white-fireplace (minus the gas insert). The white tile is the mosaic mother of pearl mini bricks from The Tile Bar, surrounded by a white wooden mantle and built-ins. The mosaic effect is a work of art in itself and creates a soothing, clean impression.

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    Herringbone Tile Pattern Behind Small Wood Burning Heater

    white subway tile fireplace

    Home By Polly

    When it comes to picking the best tile for refreshing an old fireplace, pattern matters. Interior designer Paula of Home by Polly uses white subway tile in a herringbone arrangement to update a modestly sized fireplace. The zigzag pattern spices things up without upstaging everything else in the living room.

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    Oversized Gray Porcelain Tile

    fireplace with large gray tiles

    KG Designs

    Appearances can be deceiving, and also can make or break a space. This modern-style living room boasts high ceilings and midcentury modern furniture, along with a contemporary fireplace. The gray tiles look like concrete at first glance, yet a closer look reveals they are porcelain tiles! Perfect for if you want the appearance of stone or concrete without the additional cost and heaviness.

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    Overlapping Tiles for Depth and Texture

    fireplace with overlapping long skinny white tiles

    LA Designer Affair

    This elegant setup from LA Designer Affair proves how tile design doesn't have to be flat or repetitive. The overlapping white tiles create a 3-dimensional effect that adds texture and depth to an entirely white fireplace. If it looks complicated, it doesn't have to be—designs like this are often available in peel and stick options.

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    Tiles That Look Like Brick

    fireplace with peel and stick wood outline surrounding black tile fireplace

    Mary Patton Design

    While brick fireplaces are lovely to look at, they also tend to be pretty permanent, or at the very least, challenging to change out. Tile is an easier way to get a similar appearance with relative ease. The gray tile at the base of this fireplace pairs well with the modern wooden border and black interior—all while looking sleek and timeless.

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    Oblong Black Tiles and Floral Designs

    pink and green floral fireplace with oblong black glossy tile

    LA Designer Affair

    The fireplace is the perfect way to make a bold statement, and we love this work of art from Lauren Ashley of LA Designer Affair. While the floral graphics are absolutely eye-catching, the added presence of the oblong, shiny black tiles adds an extra level of elegance.

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    Decorative Small Tiles

    fireplace with small decorative tile

    M Lavender Design

    Decorative small tiles are an easy way to add pattern and visual interest to your fireplace. Cement decorated tiles stand the test of time and can come in a variety of designs. The living room shown here boasts a set of artistic tiles to match the English Country theme—and are a perfect fit.

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    Black Tile Outline with White Hearth

    dark black tile outline for fireplace, with white hearth

    Light and Dwell

    The classic black and white color scheme is loved for its high contrast and dramatic appearance—so why not apply it to your fireplace? The smoky black tiles surrounding the fireplace juxtaposed against the white wooden mantle is a classic pairing that adds a bit of an edge to this rustic living room.

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    Colorful Mantle With Decorative Tiles

    fireplace with black brick interior, decorative square tiles on the outside

    Black Lacquer Design

    This stunning layout proves that the fireplace can serve well as a focal point. The gorgeous decorative tiles involve a gothic-style atmosphere, and paired with a soothing purple mantle creates an artistic design that really captures your attention.

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    Subway Tile With Dark Grout

    subway tile fireplace with dark grout

    Our Boho Condo/Instagram

    A brick appearance is always appreciated for a fireplace, especially for a farmhouse aesthetic. Equally so, subway tile has become such a prominent option for those opting for a more modern appearance. This fireplace is the best of both worlds—the white layout paired with the dark grout in between gives a slightly edgier lift to a typical brick (or subway tile) option. A good note to keep in mind: grout paint manufacturers will often custom match colors, so you can opt for any shade your heart desires.

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    Red Herringbone Inside, Stone on The Outside

    off white large tile fireplace

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Rather than tiling the outside, using fire-safe tiles inside a fireplace can create a surprising effect. The red herringbone pattern here creates a warm appearance and is highlighted well by the white stone surrounding the outside and creating the mantle.

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    Small Fireplace Surrounded by Decorative Tiles

    small fireplace with decorative tile surrounding it and on hearth

    House Project 36/Instagram

    Having a small fireplace doesn't mean you can't decorate it accordingly. This small woodburning stove is nestled perfectly amongst a decorated tile inside the space and the hearth, yet still makes a big impact.

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    Small Tile Fireplace With Marble Hearth

    skinny white tile fireplace with marble hearth

    Cathie Hong

    Small skinny tiles in a muted color scheme paired with a marble hearth reflect a Scandinavian open concept in this living room. The wooden mantle shelf is simple but effective and feels minimalist in the best possible way.

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    Floor to Ceiling Textured Tile

    Floor to ceiling fireplace with textured tile

    Home Consultant

    Floor-to-ceiling fireplaces make quite a statement on their own, but how they are decorated really makes an impact. The textured tile used by The Home Consultant draws attention without being overbearing. Using the textured tile in a neutral color can help add interest to a space without being overpowering.

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    Simple Black Square Tile With Matching Black Mantle

    fireplace with black mantle and black tiles

    Liz MacPhail Interiors

    An all-black fireplace is the perfect amount of drama, especially in a modern or eclectic style room. The combination of black tile with the black mantle is bold yet simple, with small golden accents that fully highlight the color scheme. Just a few square black tiles were enough to create a daring concept that fits perfectly in this colorful, artistic living room.

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    Neutral Tiles in a Cottage Living Room

    beige colored tile fireplace

    Maggie Griffin Design

    This entire living room gives quaint, relaxing vibes in the best way. The fireplace boasts a neutral set of tiles with a wooden white mantle, which adds a softness to the space. Choosing neutral tiles with patterns, even subtle ones, can help bring the room to life.

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    Blue Herringbone All the Way Around

    blue herringbone tile fireplace

    Michelle Lisac Interior Design

    Herringbone is an exceptionally popular choice for fireplaces and backsplashes. This gorgeous navy fireplace tile arranged in a herringbone pattern proves that adding a little color can't hurt—and can create a moody, modern, and refreshing style to a popular idea.

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    Olive Green with Textured Gray Tile

    olive green fireplace with smoky gray tile outline

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Soft, cloudy gray square tiles mesh perfectly with the olive green wooden mantle surrounding them. The tiles feature a subtle pattern that is easy on the eyes and doesn't take away from the rest of the fireplace.

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    Spanish Fireplace With Handcrafted Tile

    spanish architecture home with handcrafted tile fireplace

    Designed by Michael Keck for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Tramp

    This remarkable fireplace proves that handcrafted tile certainly shouldn't be slept on. Michael Keck's living room (as seen on Emily Henderson Design) showcases eclectic vintage pieces, yet the fireplace was designed in the 1930s. He hasn't opted to change it, and it's easy to see why. The Spanish-themed influence is absolutely stunning.

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    Rust Colored Tiles with Golden Screen

    rustic tile fireplace

    Studio Ten 25

    Pairing rust-colored tile with a golden leaf screen is both charming and dazzling to look at. The earthy tones in the tile help ground the mostly light, neutral, living room.

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    Stunning Arabesque Tile

    tile fireplace with disco ball and blue mantle

    Ellesmere Terrace 1903/Instagram

    Arabesque tile is a perfect addition to you want to avoid the straight, rigid presentation of typical style. The curved lines add elegance and sophistication and look great in almost any space. The way the white tile with dark grout is paired with a deep blue mantle and reflective accents has us completely in awe.

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    Contemporary Gray Tile Fireplace

    gray marble square tile fireplace

    Thomas Guy Interiors

    Choosing tile doesn't have to completely match the style of the room—you can feel free to mix and match. This is reflected perfectly in this space designed by Thomas Guy Interiors. The room itself gives a traditional, almost vintage vibe, yet the gray tiles lining the fireplace radiate a contemporary feel.

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    Ceramic Decorative Tile

    beige tile design fireplace

    Tyler Karu Design

    Decorated ceramic tile is one of the most durable and versatile options available, which makes it ideal to use for your fireplace. The subtle pattern here stands out against the shiplap walls, yet the beige color scheme keeps it from appearing too busy.

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    Small White Square Mosaic Tile

    mosaic tile neutral fireplace

    Liz MacPhail Interiors

    Going for an all-neutral color scheme can often mean getting playful and distinct with your decor ideas. The gorgeous mosaic-style tile on this fireplace glistens and adds a refining presence to the rest of the white and beige-colored furniture. Adding textures can upgrade a simple color scheme with ease.

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    Calming Gray Large Tiles

    large white tile marble fireplace

    Will Brown Interiors

    Choosing larger tiles rather than smaller ones can be a big asset when designing your space. While small tiles may be overwhelming or feel too segmented, bigger tiles can appear seamless much more easily. Additionally, larger tiles can give the illusion that your fireplace is bigger than it is, which is always a bonus.

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    Colorful Pattern Tile

    decorative tile fireplace

    White Sands

    Don't be afraid to experiment with different patterns in your living room, especially where your fireplace is concerned. The colorful patterns on the fireplace shown here are noticeably different from the rug, yet the repeated blue circles also show up in the round table and circular chandelier. The result is an eclectic yet soothing space.

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    Tan Herringbone for a Faux Fireplace

    herringbone tile in faux fireplace

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    If you're working with a faux fireplace, tile is your best friend. This tan herringbone pattern fills in the space and adds to the neutral color palette. Rather than looking out of place, the result is a work of art in itself.

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    Eclectic Starburst Tile Pattern

    decorative tile fireplace with black mantle

    Brexton Cole Interiors

    An eclectic theme is the perfect setup to play around with unique designs and colors in your living room. This fireplace designed by Brexton Cole Interiors incorporates a starburst pattern around the fireplace and extends to the hearth. Enveloping the tile is a black mantle that adds the optimum dose of drama, and is accentuated well by the pops of color in the artwork sitting directly on top of it.

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    Zellige Tile With Marble Hearth

    arched tile fireplace


    This stunning convex fireplace designed by Andee Hess of Osmose Design is gorgeous on multiple levels. The arched, convex shape of the fireplace already adds a unique flair, but the zellige tiles (ceramic, handmade tiles that are glazed) truly set it apart. Zellige tile is an excellent option if you enjoy a classic but not rigidly perfect look—no two tiles look the same, so the colors and textures between each tile differ slightly. Completing the look with a marble hearth truly enhances the already display.