6 Free Firewood Rack Plans

A wooden firewood rack holding firewood

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Building a DIY firewood rack is an easy beginner building project that is a must if you have a wood-burning fireplace or wood stove. These firewood rack plans give you detailed building instructions, making it a straightforward project that you can build in an afternoon.

A firewood rack is used to store firewood and kindling so you can easily access it during the winter but still keep it out of your home. A good basic rack will keep your wood dry and free from pests by keeping it off the ground.

These firewood rack plans come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. There are racks that are large, ones that are small, racks that are on wheels, racks with roofs, and even an inside firewood rack plan.

Once you've built your DIY firewood rack, fill it up with some free firewood and you'll stay warm and cozy this winter.

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    Rolling Firewood Cart

    A rack full of firewood

    The Wood Grain Cottage

    This firewood rack free plan builds an 18" x 45" rack that's meant to store wood outside all year round. Wheels are added to the bottom so you can easily move it from one area to the next. A simple coat of paint and some metal brackets prove that firewood storage can also look stylish. The finishing details are included with the plan so you can get the same exact look if you'd like.

    Rolling Firewood Cart from The Wood Grain Cottage

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    DIY Log Store

    A close-up of a wooden log store

    Little House on the Corner

    If you use a large amount of firewood for your fireplace or woodstove, this large log store may be the perfect storage solution for you. At about 6' x 6', you'll have plenty of room to store all your firewood for the winter months. A base, a back frame, and two side frames are built using standard lumber sizes and only a few tools are needed for this project.

    DIY Log Store from Little House on the Corner

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    Small and Mighty Firewood Rack

    A small firewood rack sitting in a yard

    Ugly Duckling House 

    This DIY firewood rack may be small, but it fits a surprisingly large amount of firewood while keeping it off the ground and dry from the snow and rain. It's built completely out of 2x4s and you'll only need a few tools to get it all put together. Besides building instructions, there's also a great video to go along with this project. You can make sure your wood stays extra dry by putting it underneath a covered area like an awning of a shed or a barn.

    Small and Mighty Firewood Rack from Ugly Duckling House

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    DIY Log Holder

    A large firewood rack sitting by a wooden fence


    Here's a firewood rack plan that builds a larger storage rack, and if you're a heavy firewood user, this may be perfect for you. It's put together from several sizes of pressure-treated lumber, all which you could have cut at your local hardware store when you purchase it. It's a straightforward build that will take you just an hour or two to put together.

    DIY Log Holder from Homeroad

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    Wood Storage Shed

    An open shed with firewood in it

    Pretty Handy Girl

    Take your firewood storage to the next level with this free firewood rack plan that uses salvaged wood to build a home for your firewood. This is really more than just a rack, it's a complete shed that keeps your firewood organized and dry. There are two shelves, a smaller one on top for kindling and a larger lower shelf for the logs. It's build off the ground and has a simple corrugated roof so everything stays nice and dry.

    This firewood shed plan includes everything you need to build it. There's a materials list, cut list, building instructions, diagrams, photos, and even a video. Also included are detailed instructions for adding a roof.

    Wood Storage Shed from Pretty Handy Girl

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    Wall-Mounted Firewood Rack

    A black firewood rack mounted on a wall

    Creative Pink Butterfly

    This DIY firewood rack is different from the others because it's meant to be used inside your home so you have easy access to firewood during the cold months. It's an easy project that takes just a few pieces of wood and some brackets to attach it the wall. It also makes quite the statement piece. Besides looking great, keeping a small supply of firewood inside is convenient and will help keep the pests away. This is perfect for the occasional fireplace user or anyone who wants to keep a small amount of wood indoors.

    Wall-Mounted Firewood Rack from Creative Pink Butterfly