Fireworks Crafts for Your Home

Certainly one of the best parts of celebrating holidays such as Memorial Day or the Fourth of July is gathering to watch the summer night sky light up with fireworks. But while it's smart to leave the pyrotechnics to the professionals, you can still create your own fireworks through these fun crafts designed to add some red, white and BOOM to your backyard.

Some of these fireworks crafts make wonderful party accessories, while others can be displayed in your home along with other patriotic...MORE decor throughout the summer.

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    Paper Fireworks Banner

    paper fireworks
    Paper Firework Banner. Landee See Landee Do

    Turn decorative paper in various patriotic patterns into paper fans that resemble fireworks.  String them together to use as bunting, hang them from the ceiling, or attach them to sticks and insert into vases full of sand.

    Project Source for Paper Fireworks Banner: Landee See Landee Do

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    Fireworks Vases

    fireworks vases
    Fireworks Vases. The Love Nerds

    Turn inexpensive glass vases from the dollar store into cute vessels by applying vinyl dots in the shape of fireworks.  (You could also use glass paint to achieve a similar look.)  Use these vases to hold flowers or party snacks such as pretzel rods and crudites.  They'd also make a handy spot to display boxes of sparklers for party guests.

    Project Source for Fireworks Vases: The Love Nerds 

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    Firecracker Centerpiece

    firecracker centerpiece
    Firecracker Centerpiece. Michael's

    Here's another way to use inexpensive glass vases.  Wrap cylindrical vases with washi tape in various red, white and blue patterns, then insert a pre-made centerpiece from the craft or party supply store to give it more "pop!" 

    Project Source for Firecracker Centerpiece: Michael's

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    Firecracker Blocks

    fireworks blocks
    Fireworks Blocks. Making of a Mom

    Craft a centerpiece with Fourth of July flair by turning simple blocks of wood into a set of firecrackers.

    Project Source for Firecracker Blocks: Making of a Mom

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    Fireworks Tablecloth

    fireworks tablecloth
    Fireworks Tablecloth. Hometalk

    Dress your picnic table for a backyard soiree with this patriotic tablecloth.  The design was created by using a permanent marker and rubbing alcohol to create fireworks that have a watercolor effect.  Make a smaller version of this project by using cloth napkins instead.

    Project Source for Fireworks Tablecloth: Hometalk

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    Fireworks Chalkboard Art

    july fourth chalkboard art
    July Fourth Chalkboard Art. via Pinterest

    The black background of a chalkboard mimics the night sky, making it the perfect surface on which to draw bright bursts of color.  Use a sign like this one as a festive way to welcome guests to a party, or just as a piece of seasonal art.   

    Here's how to letter a chalkboard like an artist.

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    Fireworks Table Runner

    fireworks table runner
    Fireworks Table Runner. Let's Mingle

    Use fabric paint to create a whimsical pattern of fireworks on a plain table runner.  Layer it over a red or blue tablecloth and add fresh flowers for a simple yet stunning table for the Fourth.

    Learn the tips and tricks for mixing and matching red, white and blue home accessories for a look you can use year-round.

    Project Source for Fireworks Table Runner: Let's Mingle

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    Firecracker Candles

    firecracker candles
    Firecracker Candles. Penny's Miscellany

    An assortment of pillar candles and even a few toilet paper tubes masquerade as firecrackers when wrapped with decorative paper.  Use this hair-dryer technique for dressing your candles in red, white and blue.

    Project Source for Firecracker Candles: Penny's Miscellany

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    Fireworks Mobile

    firework mobile
    Firework Mobile. The Merry Thought

    Tinsly pipe cleaners and fishing wire come together to create fireworks that float in the air.  This mobile makes a great party decoration to hang over a buffet table.

    Project Source for Fireworks Mobile: The Merry Thought

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    DIY Sparklers

    sparkler centerpiece
    Sparkler Centerpiece. Kaley Ann

    Finally, Christmas tinsel is re-imagined to become a bouquet of sparklers.  This simple and beautiful idea is a modern alternative to typical red, white and blue holiday decor.

    Project Source for DIY Sparklers: Kaley Ann