Planning a First Communion Brunch

Girl taking her first communion at church
Sollina Images / Getty Images

The celebration of a child's First Communion day is a joyous family event. Since the children receiving their first communion are generally ages seven or eight, the celebration usually includes family members of all ages, as well as close friends of the child's family. As the church service is usually held in the morning, the party usually becomes a brunch or lunchtime event. If the group is very large, the party might be held at a catering hall, but more often guests gather at the child's home.

Setting the Stage

Decorations can be simple for this celebration. White linens and dinnerware will match the colors of the child's church attire.

Flowers can be a simple white arrangement. Otherwise, a colorful springtime flower arrangement is just as appropriate. As children's first communion is usually held in the early spring, decorations celebrating the season are appropriate as well.

First Communion Cake

A large, white cake decorated with appropriate symbols such as crosses, chalices, or rosaries, with a congratulatory message to the child on it can complete your serving table decor. These religious symbols can be used as decorative elements on their own. Many parties and dollar stores sell cheap paper decorations that are appropriately themed for this type of brunch.

A current trend in First Communion Cakes is to make it out of cupcakes. You can shape the cupcakes to look like a cross or other holy object. Cupcakes are easier for guests to self-serve and require fewer utensils than a regular cake. Your child can "cut" the cake by simply being the first to grab a cupcake. As people normally have no problem going back for a second cupcake you're less likely to end up with half of an uneaten sheet cake at the end of your brunch.

The Menu

As part of your menu, offer a variety of quiches and tarts, they are a perfect bridge between breakfast and lunchtime food. Plus, you can easily adjust your buffet to the size of your guest list by adding or subtracting the number of these that you prepare. Remember a First Communion Brunch will usually have a lot of children so you should be prepared for some picky eaters with snacks like ants on a log.

Assorted beverages appropriate for all of your guests including milk, water, coffee, and soft drinks.