What to Write in a First Communion Card

Little girl taking communion
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First Communion is a ceremony in some Christian traditions including in the Catholic Church and Lutheran Church. The ceremony recognizes when a person first receives the Eucharist, which is a Christian rite often considered a sacrament. It typically occurs when a person is between seven and thirteen years of age.

Many consider this important ceremony a rite of passage for a young person coming of age. It is often celebrated through large family gatherings and parties. At these celebrations, gifts are traditionally given.

Include A Card

A heartfelt card pairs well with a gift to the first communicant. Be sure to choose a card, either store-bought or made by hand, that reflects maturity and strength as the individual comes of age. This celebration is one of rising up and moving forward, so giving them a card with childish themes may be inappropriate.

Whether you buy a pre-printed card or design your own, you should add a handwritten note. The words on a printed card are often not enough. To give the card a more personal feel, add your own words.

Congratulate Them

Because first communion is essentially seen as a rite of passage, it is a major milestone in one’s life. The first communicant is likely feeling a sense of pride and maturity. Let them know that you are proud of them for reaching this point and for staying true to their religion. Offer them words of congratulations to let them know you are happy for them at this time.

-Congratulations! You are a new person.

-I am so happy for you for reaching this milestone.

-Happy First Communion Day!

-Congrats! I love you.

-Jesus loves you. 

Offer Support

The first communion ceremony is a rite of passage and often symbolizes a form of coming of age. And similar to celebrations like a bar mitzvah, quinceanera, or even a graduation ceremony, the person coming of age will need support as they move forward. 

Coming of age is a big deal and it marks a big change in an individual’s responsibilities in life. As they take these next steps, they need support to help them gain steady footing in their new life as an adult. Often, the best support comes from people the individual looks up to or others who have gone through this change themselves. In your card to the first communicant, make sure to tell them how you support them as they move forward in life. Your words may make the transition a little less scary for them and a little more exciting.

Give Words of Advice

First communicants have a whole new world to explore. The idea of that may seem a bit daunting, especially to a young person who has not had a significant amount of life experiences yet.

Whether you are older and have many life experiences, or you are in the same boat, you should offer words of advice or encouragement in your card. The first communicant may be feeling scared or insecure. If you have life experiences that helped you get through a tough time, let them know about it. Give them your best advice for moving through murky waters.

-Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

-Have fun and enjoy life, but remember to work hard.

-Don’t let the thoughts of others prevent you from being the person you want to be.

-Enjoy the little things in life.

-Make sure to set aside time for yourself to recharge once in awhile.

Famous Quotes About First Communion

Adding a famous and powerful quote into a card is a great choice for any type of card. Quotes from writers, speakers, and scholars are usually just what someone needs to hear as they take a big step. Quotes distill feelings and larger ideas into clear, concise words that are often motivating or soothing for one to hear.

As the first communicant gets prepared to take this step into adulthood in their religion, they need to hear the wise words of people who have gone through the same experience. If you find a famous quote you like, add it to your card. Be sure to credit the person who said it. The first communicant will appreciate it and, likely, revisit those wise words every time they are feeling the pressures of growing up.

You could even include your favorite bible verse if you feel it is pertinent. Find one that is motivational or encouraging to help the first communicant understand their new role in the church.

  • ”There is a communion of more than our bodies when bread is broken and wine drunk” - M. F. K. Fisher
  • "Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong."
    - 1 Corinthians 16:13
  • ”If Angels could be jealous of men, they would be so for one reason: Holy Communion.” - St. Maximilian Kolbe
  • ”For faithful Catholics, communion is not just a nice ritual: It is the body and blood of Jesus Christ, and the ultimate sign of our willingness to be incorporated into the church.” - Maggie Gallagher
  • "You have been born anew, not from perishable but from imperishable seed, through the living and abiding word of God." - 1 Peter 1:23