First Look: BakerStone Pizza Oven Box

BakerStone Pizza Box
BakerStone International

For the last few years, the home pizza oven has been the big accessory for the backyard. Free standing, dedicated pizza ovens can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. This has led many to try and figure out how to turn the ordinary grill sitting on the average patio into a pizza oven. Personally, I don't think there needs to be a lot of modification since the typical grill, with or without a stone, does a pretty good job of turning out pizza.

However, I know that there are purists who insist on the optimal temperature and configuration. 

Enter the BakerStone Pizza Oven Box

Coming in two sizes, the BakerStone Pizza Oven Box fits onto the cooking grate of most grills and captures intense heat making it possible to cook a pizza in less than three minutes. There is some turning required since the heat flow makes the stone-lined box uneven in heat, but given the short amount of cooking time, no one will be stepping away anyway.

The construction is solid and aside from finding a place to put the thing when not in use, it is practical. 

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