First Look: Weber Expandable Smoking Rack

Weber Expandable Smoking Rack
Weber Expandable Smoking Rack. Weber-Stephen Products Company

You probably know that the Weber Smokey Mountain cooking is one of the most popular and dependable charcoal smokers on the market. Over the years, this cooker has probably produced more barbecue than any other model on the market. Particularly for the 18 1/2-inch model space inside the smoker has always been a premium. For most users, though, there is space enough for a brisket, a couple racks of ribs, or a pair of pork butts.

Some have added racks to hold ribs on their end to expand the capacity, but now, Weber has introduced something that expands the capacity and versatility of these smokers.

Available for both the 18 1/2 and the 22 1/2-inch Smokey Mountains, the Expandable Smoking Rack allows users to hang foods instead of laying them out on standard cooking grates. The Expandable Rack system places two bars for the smaller smoker and three bars on the larger unit just under the top of the dome lid. Hooks hang from these bars allowing for foods to be hung. This expands the capacity of the smoker and makes it easy to smoke racks of ribs or whole fish.

The Expandable Smoking Racks cost $35USD and $45USD respectively.

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