This Stylish Hotel Wants You to Bring Your Houseplants With You

A pothos plant in a hotel room at Elwood Hotel & Suites


Over the last two years, houseplants have exploded in popularity as people sought to add more greenery to their homes. But with travel beginning to pick back up again, what if you could take your beloved houseplant with you?

A hotel in Lexington, Kentucky, the Elwood Hotel & Suites, is hoping you will. They are the world's first "plant-friendly" hotel.

"Elwood opened late 2021 and we wanted to differentiate ourselves from other boutique hotels," says Barbara Jean Josey, Director of Business Development and Hospitality Sales at Elwood Hotel & Suites. "While many hotels are pet-friendly (we are too), we noticed that plant parenthood was booming." So the team at Elwood decided to offer a plant-friendly hotel experience.

A sign for the world's first plant-friendly hotel


Lots of Plant-Friendly Features

While bringing a houseplant with you during your stay is part of the plant-friendly experience, Elwood also offers a range of plant-friendly features that anyone can enjoy. Beginning in April, the Elwood began offering a package, called "The Gardener’s Premier Corner Room Package." With 6 king suites, each with an abundance of natural light for plants, guests will also have a chance to pick add-ons for their stay, including a "tea" for plants, botanical toiletries from Kentucky Soaps & Such, and a Garden Mojito cocktail. And if you're not able to bring your own plant with you for your stay, you can opt for the complimentary potted succulent to keep you company and take with you at the end of your visit.

Elwood also recently hosted a plant swap on Earth Day, where they gave a prize for the most adored potted plant, and had plenty of photo opps with their greenery and decor, according to Josey. Some of the plants that attended the swap included African spear, dieffenbachia, aloe vera, pothos, and triostar stromanthe.

Plant-Inspired Decor

Beyond the add-ons and the plant-friendly suites, the decor of the hotel itself also takes some cues from nature. "Elwood invites guests inside with a larger-than-life, four-story floral mural painted on the front of the building, warm, cozy finishes, and greenery throughout," says Josey. "With bursts of color around every corner, guests will discover hand-painted artwork in the conservatory and throughout the corridors on each floor as well as natural light and artisanal, timeless furnishings."

Two women in the world's first plant-friendly hotel


If guests do want to bring a plant with them for their stay at the hotel, Josey says Elwood recommends one plant per person that's potted in a way that makes it easy to travel. And even if you opt not to stay in one of the king suites, you'll still find houseplants in every guest room and throughout the hotel—even in the restaurant and fitness room.

The plant-friendly hotel seems like a natural progression, as people spend more time collecting and caring for their plants, and is a unique way to connect with other plant enthusiasts. "After all, there are plenty of pet-friendly hotels out there," Josey says. "Why not offer the same Southern hospitality to the houseplants people love just as much?"