Advice for the First Few Weeks Home With a New Foster Child

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Fostering a child is a wonderful experience but, like any kind of parenting, it comes with its own challenges. For first-time foster parents, helping the child through the transition from their old life to their new home can seem like a daunting task. Many foster children come from abusive homes, so making them feel safe and secure is an important first step. Below are resources that can help new foster parents with everything from that exciting first day to getting ready for school and even...MORE bonding with your new child.

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    Bringing a new foster child home is a wonderful experience, but it can still be anxiety-inducing for everyone involved. Here are some tips to make the transition easier for parents and children alike.

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    When it comes to parenting, especially with older kids, it is very important to establish your role as a parent as soon as the children walk in the door.

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    If you already have children, it's important to prepare them for a new arrival. Here are a few points to review with the kids and ways to get them excited about their new foster sibling.

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    Setting up a nursery for a new baby is a big task, but it's made easier by the fact that the baby doesn't really care about things like the wall color. But when it comes to setting up a bedroom for an older foster child, it can be hard to ensure they feel at home. Here are some tips to turn your guest room into the child's room.

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    Babies have an entirely different set of needs on their shopping lists than older children. Use this list of baby basics to make sure you're ready for your new bundle of joy.

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    Many children entering the foster care system have suffered a significant loss. Grief is a very personal thing, and it's no different for children. Many children will use their behaviors to communicate their feelings. Learn more about grief and loss so that you may be better able to help them through this time of transition.

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    From how to open a locker to getting home safely, this handy checklist will help you send them back-to-school with less stress. This is especially useful if your child is starting at a new school.

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    No matter how long or short your foster child's stay with you may be, it's healthy to want to bond with the child. While these activities are not for every foster family, choosing the ones you're most comfortable with can help strengthen the relationship between you.

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    Most foster parents get nervous about meeting their child's birth family. Depending on the child's situation, reuniting with parents can be stressful for them as well. Here are a few suggestions for preparing for visitations with family.

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    When doing foster care, parents are given many opportunities to gain a connection to the child's family. How they choose to use these opportunities makes the difference between fostering a child and fostering a family.