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Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone Toy
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Fisher Price is a well loved and trusted brand in most households for infant, toddler and preschool toys and baby gear. There are several Fisher-Price classic toys that adults remember from their childhood. Many of these classic toys can still be bought brand new! Fisher-Price celebrated its 85th Anniversary in 2015. Fisher Price continues to design classic toys for kids that are not only fun, but help children to improve their developmental skills and learning, too.


Over the years, Fisher Price has re-invented many of its classic all time favorite toys. Toys that remain available for purchase today include:

​The Corn Popper is a classic toy which has been around for years! Toddlers love to push this toy forward and backward, while watching the little balls inside the clear plastic dome go, "Pop!". This is an excellent toy for kids who are learning how to walk. For under $15, it is a fun and entertaining, too. 

Snap lock beads are brightly colored fine motor toys. Kids enjoy snapping these beads, by pushing them together, and making long chains out of the many shapes. This toy provides a great way for kids to learn about colors and shapes, while developing hand eye coordination.

This Fisher-Price classic shape sorter is an all-time favorite. Affordable and fun, it is a great first puzzle for toddlers. Young kids learn about shape matching as they use problem solving skills to insert the proper shapes into the lid of the container.


This adorable white telephone with the smiling face is one toy that many people seem to remember from their childhood days. Introduced in 1961, The Chatter Telephone provides the same silly, button-pushing entertainment kids love.

This rocking toy from Fisher Price, is another fan favorite.

The Rock-A-Stack consists of many colorful rings that are placed on top of the plastic pole, in order of their size. Babies and infants have a great time with this wonderful toy as they learn colors and how to organize toys by size. 

Since 1971 kids have loved being in charge of their own record player. The toy arrives with 5 play-able records include 10 different classic songs kids will sing and dance to. Records are able to store in the bottom of the player. This toy is fascinating for kids, especially if they love music. 

First introduced in 1957, while it might drive parents crazy, kids love using the bright yellow mallet to play this musical instrument and bang out their tunes on the 8 rainbow colored bars.

Learn More About Fisher-Price History:

Fisher-Price was founded in 1930, during the Depression, which was difficult for many American business to survive. Herman Fisher, Irving Price and Helen Schelle combined their diverse manufacturing and retailing experience to create a toy company,  confidently bringing 16 wooden toys to the International Toy Fair in New York City. The whimsical nature and magical surprises of those first toys quickly caught on and became the hallmark of Fisher-Price.

    • In 1969, at the age of 71, Herman Fisher retired as President of Fisher-Price.
    • In 1969, Fisher Price was acquired by The Quaker Oats Company.
    • In 1991, Quaker Oats spun off its Fisher-Price division and the company became an independent, publicly traded company.
    • In November, 1993, stockholders of Fisher-Price, Inc. and Mattel, Inc. approved a merger under which Fisher-Price became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel. This merger ignited remarkable growth for us in international markets and through product acquisitions.
    • After Mattel's acquisition of Tyco Toys in 1997, the Fisher-Price name became the umbrella brand over all Mattel's infant and preschool lines.
    • The first line of Fisher Price toys was unveiled at a Toy Fair in 1931. Especially meant for toddlers, the metal pull-push toys based on characters from the books of Margaret Evans Price, the wife of Irving Price. The popular characters included Dr. Doodle, a duck dressed up in a top hat and tuxedo, and Granny Doodle.