Fishing Themed Party Games for Children

Origami fish on grey background
serezniy / Getty Images

Are you throwing a fishing-themed birthday party? Try some of these games to keep the kids hooked on the fun!

Tackle Box Relay

Divide the children into two teams. Give each team an empty tackle box. On the other side of the room, place two sets of items to go into the tackle box, such as bobbers, lures, spools of fishing line, and various tools (for safety, you can use cut out pictures of any sharp tools). Team members take turns running to retrieve one item at a time from the pile to bring back and place inside the tackle box. The first team to fill its tackle box wins.

Bobbing for Bobbers

Here’s a fun way to make sure everyone wins a prize. Fill plastic eggs with trinket prizes. Place them in a large tank or baby pool filled with water. Tell the kids they have to reach in and pick out one of these fishing “bobbers.” The game is called bobbing for bobbers, but they don’t have to bob with their faces. They can use their hands, a net, or a ladle to scoop out their prizes.

Biggest Catch

Make fish of varying sizes out of paper. Fold them up so that they all fit it in the same size of an envelope. Place a magnetic strip (found in craft stores) in each envelope. Drop the envelopes into an empty tank or box. Use fishing rods with magnets tied to the ends of the lines for kids to “fish” out an envelope. Once each kid has one, have them open them up and see who caught the biggest fish.

Fisherman Relay Race

For this game, divide guests into two teams. For each team, you will need one set of fishing gear, such as a fishing vest, fishing hat, fishing boots, and tackle box. Set the items in a pile on one side of the play space and have the teams line their members up on the other side. When the race starts, the first players in line for each team must run to the gear, put on all of the clothing, pick up the tackle boxes, and race back to their teams. They must then take the gear off and pass it to the next player, who has to put it on and race back to where the gear was originally piled, take it off and leave it all there so that the next player in line can take a turn. The first team that completes the task of having everyone wear and run with the fishing gear wins.

Casting Contest

To play this game, you will need a lot of space, whether you will be casting on land or into a body of water. Have all players stand in a row in front of the water or open space. One at a time, they will cast their reels, and let the bobbers sit in the place it lands. The player who casts her bobber the farthest from the casting line wins.

Bait Toss

Give each player a bait pail and a bag of gummy worms. Have them stand in front of a starting line. Move the pails a few feet away from the players (how far you move them should depend on the ages and skill level of the kids). Set a timer and have the kids toss their bait into their pails. When time is up, count the number of worms in each pail. The one with the most worms wins.