Five Ingredient Crockpot Recipes

Fast and Easy

Peachy Crockpot Sweet Potatoes. Linda Larsen

Combine recipes with few ingredients with the fabulous self-cooking crockpot and you have super easy five ingredient crockpot recipes that use up almost none of your time, yet provide your family with hot, home-cooked meals.

I altered almost all of these recipes so they made the five ingredient cut. This isn't that difficult! Many crockpot recipes can be altered to include fewer ingredients with no loss in flavor or quality.

Just make sure that the recipe ingredients you eliminate aren't essential, like the broth in a soup or binders in meatloaf. And be sure to check out my other collection of Five Ingredient Crockpot Recipes!

You can, of course, add more ingredients to any of these recipes as you see fit. And when you do make a change, be sure to write down the changes so your great recipe isn't lost in the mists of time.

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