Learn How to Fix a Small Hole in Drywall In 7 Easy Steps

Broken Wall
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Maybe you have been living with the hole in your drywall for many years. No need to do this anymore, considering how easy it is to repair small holes in drywall. In fact, you’ll find that repairing the hole isn’t a big issue. Painting the repaired section might be more difficult.

Remember, a small hole is not to be confused with a big hole. We're referring to holes no more than one inch in diameter.

Even two inches would be pushing it. For bigger holes, refer to our instructions for repairing big holes in drywall.

The most common cause of holes in drywall are door knobs that swing back and hit the wall. Of course, practically anything can cause a hole in drywall. Drywall is a fairly fragile material, typically only half-inch thick and composed of gypsum and paper. It is not meant to be impervious to everything,

Tools You Need to Repair that Hole

  • Self adhesive mesh joint tape
  • Drywall compound (“mud")
  • Drywall sanding sponge
  • Utility knife
  • Four-inch wide putty knife


1. With your utility knife, carve away any stray pieces of paper or gypsum that might be protruding beyond the surface of the wall. You need the wall to be perfectly flat before you repair the hole.

2. Cut off two sections of the mesh joint tape, so that each length of tape extends at least 2 inches beyond each side of the hole.

3. Apply the mesh joint tape in a cross-shaped pattern, one piece over the other.

4. Using a putty knife, carefully cover the whole area with joint compound, lightly pressing some joint compound through the mesh.

5. Extend some of the joint compound beyond the hole, then smooth it down with the putty knife.

At this point, don’t worry that the mesh tape is visible.

6. After that layer has dried solid, lightly sand down high spots.

7. Repeat the above process at least two more times, standing between each coat until you have a smooth patch over the hole.