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New Online Spice and Herb Subscription Service

The Flavor Fix
Gabriel Olson

With its slogan "If Taste Is Your Drug of Choice", The Flavor Fix is an ingenious online site for purchasing herbs and spices. What makes The Flavor Fix unique is that it's a subscription-based service, or, if you like, a Spice (or Herb)-of-the-Month Club. The company crafts spice blends with the best natural and/or organic ingredients available and also creates recipes, which are included with each monthly shipment.

Gabriel Olson is the founder and culinary creative genius of The Flavor Fix. He was raised by parents who loved to cook and entertain large groups of friends and family in their home. His father had an internationally diverse palate, and his mother always sought out the highest quality and healthiest ingredients for the meals she prepared for her family. Whereas Gabe admits that he doesn't cook the quantity of food his parents did, he came to appreciate their culinary sensibility, which he brings to The Flavor Fix.

A seasoned traveler himself, he became familiar with the hundreds of spices and herbs used daily in homes all over the world, each with its own nuanced and regional flavor. During his travels he observed that most families tend to shop for and prepare the same meals, and he hopes that The Flavor Fix will help open them up to new culinary experiences with his expertly curated assortment of spices and herbs.

Gabe encourages people to share meals -- as his parents do -- with friends and explore new recipes together.

It's an admirable and altruistic philosophy for a Los Angeles-based company, and in my reviewing a number of The Flavor Fix's products, it's clear that Gabe is sincere is his desire to introduce new tastes and flavors into many people's repetitive diets.

At present, The Flavor Fix offers 14 herbs and spices, but that number increases every month. As part of my research I cooked a handful of the spices, using chicken, pork and lamb. I experimented by cooking each meat with one of the five samples and then experimented again by blending them.

Mole Spice Rub #1 worked best with the pork, although it also gave a nice zing to chicken. It's not spicy, but deeply textured, as authentic (and the best) moles are. I enjoy spicy foods, so I sprinkled some of the Sriracha Salt on the pork and chicken with the Mole Spice Blend, and it gave a great kick. That Ginger Salt is another finishing salt that adds delicate ginger flavor to chicken and fish.

The Greek Summer Blend is excellent on lamb, which I grilled as chops and as burgers. The blend of oregano, mint, lemon, marjoram and garlic -- all organic -- recalls the flavors of grilled meats I've enjoyed in Greece. It's salt-free, so you'll need to season the meat with Kosher salt just before cooking it. Try it in this recipe for Greek Summer Meatballs.

The Vietnamese Pho Fix on broiled chicken was tasty, but this blend really takes off when you use it for the soup base for Vietnamese Pho. I followed the recipe exactly, and it's a home run.

You can make a meat-less version as well, and I assure you the soup will be absolutely delicious.

Gabe's own steak rub is an expertly blended variation of popular Montreal Steak Seasoning, which besides amping up all meats, also makes fantastic Sloppy Joes.

The Flavor Fix offers several methods for purchasing their herbs and spices. You can purchase them individually at $8 each for about a 2-ounce resealable bag, which is quite reasonable considering the quality of the product and that you'll be using the portion for a long time.

Where The Flavor Fix sets itself apart from other spice purveyors, like Pensey's, for example, is its Spice-of-the-Month Club. You can subscribe monthly at $14/month, which includes 1 spice/herb and 1 sugar/salt blend and recipe cards, three months ($40), six months ($78) and 12 months ($144), and all subscriptions are available as gifts.

Since Gabe is also a cook, the website has a good number of excellent recipes that spotlight The Flavor Fix's herbs, spices and salts. (See below related recipes.)

As a small business, The Flavor Fix works with California and Los Angeles regional based companies for product sourcing and packaging, which are fully recyclable and minimalist to minimize the company's environmental footprint.

For a home cook, The Flavor Fix is one of the finest online sources you will find for helping you to easily add international and sophisticated flavors to your cooking.