Flip Flop Makeovers

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    8 Flip Flop DIY Projects

    Give a cheap pair of flip flops a makeover with these 8 crafty projects. Kate Pullen

     Grab a pair or two of cheapo flip flops from your nearest dollar store and transform them into fun summer footwear.The projects you will find on the following pages will help you give your plain boring old flip flops a make over using a variety of materials including water balloons, odds and ends from crafting projects. 

    Check out the 8 craft tutorials on the following pages and have fun creating your own unique summer flip flops!

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    Scrappy Flip Flops

    Use your odds and ends left over from crafting projects as flip flop fodder to give your summer shoes a makeover!. Kate Pullen

    If, like me, you have a ever growing supply of odds and ends (you know the sort of thing - bits of ribbon which are not long enough to use in a project, but not short enough to be considered ready for the garbage bin) left over from your craft projects, you'll always be on the look out for ways to use up your treasure trove. While I recycle many bits and pieces into card making and scrapbooking projects, I am still left with a hoard of recycled odds and ends ready to use which I call my...MORE trash stash!

    I love hand decorated flip flops and I had the idea of giving a cheap pair of plastic flip flops a make over using items from my trash stash.

    DIY Flip Flop Fodder

    So, what can you use to give a pair of flip flops a make over? Anything that can be tied around the thongs. A quick rummage through my supplies and I found some items which were perfect for making these scrappy flip flops. I used some ribbon left over from other projects, polymer clay stamped beadspaper beads, shrink plastic charms and even a few bells. Other items that you could use as DIY flip flop fodder include chipboard shapes, scraps of yarn and fabric remnants.

    Fun Fashion Flip Flops Only

    Of course, decorating these flip flops with items such as paper beads and other scraps means that they are not going to be long lasting. A dunk in the swimming pool or dousing with a hose will likely end in a soggy mess. Therefore consider these for fun use only and remember you are not making an heirloom piece!

    How to Make the Scrappy DIY Decorated Flip Flops

    The scrappy flip flops are so easy to make. Cut the ribbon and other fabric into pieces and knot this around the flip flop straps. Use yarn, string or embroidery floss to tie the beads and other items onto the flip flops. Keep adding more material until you like the look.

    Tips for Making Scrappy DIY Decorated Flip Flops

    Here are some tips for making scrappy DIY flip flops:

    • This is a perfect project for using items which didn't turn out as you wanted, for example some wonky stamped beads or imperfect shrink plastic. Don't throw them away, use them as flip flop fodder.
    • If you want to make your decorations more permanent sew the scraps into place and don't use paper products.
    • Remember that while you won't be going hiking in these, and the furthest you are likely to walk is from the recliner to the pool, you still need them to be relatively comfy to wear. Therefore make sure that the beads and other hard objects are on the top of the flip flops.
    • While I used scraps to make these flip flops, you could consider making decorations specifically for giving your flip flops or thongs a makeover. Hand stamped beads saying 'left' and 'right' would be a fun way to add decorations.

    So, next time you have some odds and ends left over from a crafting project, instead of throwing them in the bin put them to one side, buy a pair of cheap flip flops and have fun giving them a make over!

    Take a look at the projects on the following pages for more ideas for creating your own unique summer footwear!


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    DIY Beaded Flip Flops

    Beaded Flip Flops
    DIY Beaded flip flops using upcycled beads. Rain Blanken

    Give a pair of flip flops a dash of glamour with the addition of some beads. If you have some beads left over from another project then this is a super-cheap way to create eye catching summer shoes.


    More Flip Flop Projects from DIY Fashion

    • Fabric Covered Flip Flops
    • Rhinestone Flip Flops
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    Fabric Flip Flops

    Make fabric flip flops. Inspired Life Photos

    Inspired Life Photos shows us how to create a pair of flip flops that are both eye catching and comfy to wear!

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    Water Balloon Flip Fops

    Water balloon flip flops. About A Mom

    Water balloon flip flops are a great idea. The water balloon add eye catching color to the flip flops and they are also waterproof. About A Mom shows us how!

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    Bandana Flip Flops

    Bandana flip flops. Itsy Bitsy Paper

     Head over to Itsy Bitsy Paper to learn how to upcycle a bandana to make a cute pair of flip flops.

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    Flower Flip Flops

    Flower flip flops. The Mother Huddle

    Make a pair of fabric flower flip flops. These are so stylish and perfect for summer parties. 

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    Fluffy Flip Flops

    Fluffy flip flops. Mommy Enterprises

    The strips of fabric create a fluffy look on these funky flip flops. 

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    Beaded Flip Flops

    Beaded Flip Flops. Trinkets In Bloom

     Make a pair of elegant flip flops using a pair of cheap store bought flip flops as the base.

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