A Charming Floating English Cottage That Sails Down The River Thames

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    You Can Enter to Win a Weekend in This Darling Floating Cottage

    airbnb London

    This charming English cottage is a two bedroom houseboat that's owned by Airbnb. It has a private garden and even a dog house.

    If you happen to be in London right now, you can enter to win a trip down the River Thames in this darling vessel courtesy of Airbnb. But you better act fast-- today (May 20th) is the last day for entries.

    What's the occasion? Airbnb is celebrating the Deregulation Act in London. Now Londoners can legally rent out their homes, spare bedrooms and even tree houses on...MORE a short-term basis. Sounds like a win-win for residents and, of course, the site that has grown to become the worldwide leader in unique accommodations.

    Want to see the rest of this floating abode? Keep reading.

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    The Floating House Plans to Sail Down the River Thames

    airbnb London

    The cottage's official name is the Floating House. Nick and Steve Tidball, twin brothers with a background in architecture, designed the small home. They say their favorite Pixar movies, and the pricey abodes that dot Primrose Hill, one of the most exclusive hoods in London, provided the inspiration for their creation.

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    A View of The Floating House's Front Yard

    airbnb London

    Here's the Floating House's private garden.  On the left, you can see the dog house we mentioned earlier.  FYI, the lucky peeps who win the free trip are not allowed to throw a party while onboard or commit acts of piracy.  Seriously, the latter is stated in small print on the contest's Airbnb page.

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    The Floating House Has a Sunny Open Floor Plan

    airbnb London

    The Floating House has a charming first floor that functions as a living room slash kitchen. The ship's wheel takes center stage on the countertop.

    No worries if you win this contest and also don't have a clue how to cook. The boat comes fully staffed so all meals will be provided along with a crew to sail the ship.

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    The Floating House Has Two Bedrooms

    airbnb London

     Here is a peek at one of the Floating House's two bedrooms.

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    The Floating House's Bathroom

    airbnb London

     Here is a peek at the Floating House's black and white bathroom.

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    The Floating House's Adorable Front Door

    airbnb London

    And lastly, here is a closer look at this charming cottage's front door.

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