Flooring Colors for Best Feng Shui

What are the best choices of color for your floors?

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We have looked at the importance of materials in good feng shui flooring in part 1, so here we are exploring the flooring colors and layouts.

In feng shui, the energies of both colors and shapes are used as very powerful tools, so when you know how to work with colors and shapes you can easily create the needed shift in your space.

Even though when it comes to flooring there are not so many color choices out there (unless you are really adventurous and are willing to paint your floors green or pink), there are still quite a few choices you can look at for your home or office.

How do you know which flooring colors and layouts are best for your space? Let's find out.

Best Flooring Colors for Feng Shui

Because on an energy level the flooring represents your foundation and is associated with the earth feng shui element, best colors are the so-called earthy colors, and we know that they come in an infinite variety of tones and are the most widely used colors in flooring. So, of course, the classical wood floors are good feng shui and it is just a matter of choosing the best color tone that will make your flooring "talk" harmoniously with the color of the walls, furnishings, etc.

The same applies to stone, tile, laminate or cork flooring materials -- all colors that are the classical earth colors are good feng shui foundation energy for your floors. How about two other popular and very beautiful choices, though - the pure white flooring and the deep mahogany/almost black floors, are they good feng shui?

First, it sure depends on the home, as no decor element stands alone and all pieces talk to each other all the time. Second, understand the energy that these colors bring into your space and how they influence your own energy.

White is a metal feng shui element color which brings a very specific energy into a home, so if your personal element is metal (or is compatible with metal) this can be a good choice.

Of course, you have to take into consideration the personal elements of all your family members, too, and this is where it is good to know the basics of good feng shui decor based on one's birth element.

Personally, I absolutely love the look of white floors, but I know I would not want them throughout my whole home. You can guess my birth element is Earth, so too much Metal element decor can drain energy from me. This especially applies to floors (your foundation).

Deep mahogany/black color is the color of water feng shui element and the same principle applies - if you like the look and know that it will go well with your home decor style, be sure it also works for your and your loved ones birth elements (you can find your birth element here).

So, to make a good feng shui choice as to your flooring color -- if it is other than the classical wood/earth flooring colors -- look into the feng shui element the color you like represents and see how it works for your personal birth element.

Now let's look at the layout and shapes -- two very important considerations!

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