Create the Floor Plan of Your Dreams With Floorplanner

Floorplanner room design


Floorplanner is hands down the best free online room design application out there. It's at the top of that list because while it's easy to use it's also got all the options that you could want from an online room design application—a ton of furniture choices, great tutorials and the ability to view your design in 3D, which catapults Floorplanner to the top.

You might find a lot of things to like when you start using it to design a room, though there are some minor negatives as well.

  • View your design in 2D or 3D.

  • Easy to set room shape and dimensions.

  • Create a house and rooms in a snap.

  • Export the design to a PDF.

  • Includes written and video tutorials to help you quickly get started.

  • Tons of options for furniture, flooring, and other objects.

  • Drag-and-drop support makes designing feel natural.

  • It may be too detailed if you're looking for a quick one-room project.

  • You have to make a free account to design a room.

  • Can export only once every 10 minutes.

More Information

Here are some more details that are worth mentioning:

  • Floorplanner works on any operating system because you don't have to install a program to use it. It works right through your web browser.
  • The basic, free account lets you create one project, add photos and videos, and view your floor plan on the mobile app.
  • Up to three floors can be included in one project.
  • There are Undo and Redo buttons.
  • The build menu lets you draw walls or a surface to your floor plan, as well as add doors, windows, and structures.
  • The main menu can be hidden for extra space to work on your floor plans.
  • You have to register for a free account before you can use it but you can link that to your Google account.
  • Switching to a different floor in your plan is as easy as choosing one from the side menu.
  • Use the decorate menu to find the furniture, colors, materials, and other basic objects that you can include in your floor plan.
  • Change the wall thickness and 3D wall height.
  • There's a design gallery where you can view creations made by other users and upload your own.

Beyond the Free Version

If you want to get more out of Floorplanner, they have two more tiers above the free account. This current pricing chart compares the prices and outlines what features you can get.

With a Plus account, you don't have a timelock for renders and favorites are supported. Pro includes those features plus templates, quick exporting, and project presentations.