15 Floribunda Roses for the Flower Garden

Gene Boerner and Betty Prior Floribunda Roses

Georgianna Lane/Getty Images

Take the compact shrubs and blooming clusters of polyantha roses, and combine that with the vast color palette of the hybrid tea rose, and you get floribunda roses. Floribundas are free flowering and hardy, making them a top choice for beginning gardeners and seasoned rose growers alike. 

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    'Julia Child' Floribunda Rose

    Julia Child rose. Zen Rial/Getty Images

    Julia Child believed that a dab of butter improved almost any dish, so she would appreciate the buttery hue of her namesake rose. Excellent disease resistance on compact plants with a long bloom time make this a good choice for beginners looking to fill a gap in the front of the summer border. 

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    'Impatient' Floribunda Rose

    Impatient Floribunda rose. Georgianna Lane/Getty Images

    Nostalgia for all things 1980's is trending, so that should include the 1984 introduction 'Impatient' Floribunda rose. This rose does seem to be impatient to reveal its floriferous nature to the gardener, blooming nearly from spring until frost with regular irrigation and fertilization. The reddish-orange blooms blend well with other hot colors in the garden, so underplant with some marigolds or coreopsis. 

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    'Iceberg' Floribunda Rose

    Iceberg Floribunda rose. Alexander Adegbenro/Getty Images

    The 'Iceberg' floribunda rose has been a flowering garden favorite for nearly six decades. Pure white flowers don't have any cream or pink and are truly icy-white. The shrubs are very free flowering, and nearly thornless, which makes harvesting for the vase easy. 

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    'Mardi Gras' Floribunda Rose

    Mardi Gras Floribunda rose. Georgianna Lane/Getty Images

    The 'Mardi Gras' rose is not a fragrant selection, but the nonstop blooms that mirror a sunset on the beach make up for it. Flowers are larger than many floribunda roses, held aloft on four-foot shrubs that make a fine hedge. 

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    'August Seebauer' Floribunda Rose

    August Seebauer Floribunda rose. Georgianna Lane/Getty Images

    Also known as 'The Queen Mother,' this floribunda consistently produces rich pink blooms on compact plants in spring, summer, and fall. This variety looks best in the front of the border and thrives in mildly acidic soil enriched with compost. ​

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    'Hot Cocoa' Floribunda Rose

    Hot Cocoa Floribunda rose. Georgianna Lane/Getty Images

    'Hot Cocoa' blooms offer a seldom-seen hue that shifts from orange to rich rust, depending on the stage of flowering and sunlight exposure. The russet tones complement autumn cut flower arrangements perfectly, and conveniently the plants put out a large late flush of flowers in September and October. 

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    'Burgundy Ice' Floribunda Rose

    Burgundy Ice Floribunda rose. Lamontagne/Getty Images

    The rich plum blooms of 'Burgundy Ice' smell as lovely as they look. Prune the shrubs in late March to help the shrubs keep a tidy shape. 

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    'Viva' Floribunda Rose

    Viva Floribunda rose. Joshua McCullough/Getty Images

    The rich red color of 'Viva' is just the right hue to give your sweetheart, and a single stem nearly makes a complete bouquet of blooms. 'Viva' is very disease resistant in humid climates, shrugging off black spot and mildew. 

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    'Summer Fashion' Floribunda Rose

    Summer Fashion Floribunda Rose. Georgianna Lane/Getty Images

    Rose growers who like the hybrid tea 'Peace' will admire the same cream and pink coloration on 'Summer Fashion' roses. The blooms of 'Summer Fashion' are larger than many floribundas, maintaining an upright form on four-foot plants. 

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    'Rhapsody in Blue' Floribunda Rose

    Rhapsody in Blue Floribunda rose. Georgianna Lane/Getty Images

    Gardeners are still waiting for a true-blue rose to be developed by horticulturists, but in the meantime, we can enjoy the violet blossoms of 'Rhapsody in Blue' that flirt with the blue side of the color wheel. 

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    'Scentimental' Floribunda Rose

    Scentimental Floribunda rose. Michael Davis/Getty Images

    The pert red and white stippling of 'Scentimental' floribunda roses is as fresh as a candy cane, and although the flowers work well a standalone border focal point, wouldn't they look great paired with blue cornflowers or blue balloon flowers? 

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    'Sexy Rexy' Floribunda Rose

    Sexy Rexy Floribunda rose. Georgianna Lane/Getty Images

     If an English rose and a camellia had a baby, the result might be the fabulous form of the 'Sexy Rexy' floribunda rose. Packed with petals yet possessing a pleasing sense of refinement, the perfect cotton candy pink of 'Sexy Rexy' looks good enough to eat. 

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    'Eye Paint' Floribunda Rose

    Eye Paint Floribunda rose. Georgianna Lane/Getty Images

    Sometimes a simple, single-petaled rose can look every bit as brilliant as the double varieties. 'Eye Paint' has vibrant yellow stamens that contrast with carmine petals, drawing admiration from bees and butterflies.

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    'Monkey Business' Floribunda Rose

    Monkey Business Floribunda rose. Georgianna Lane/Getty Images

    After winning the 2010 Floribunda of the Year award, many new gardeners learned of the dark green foliage and masses of banana yellow blooms that make this a must-have rose for the garden. Moist, rich soil and abundant sunshine will help 'Monkey Business' reach its potential in the landscape. 

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    'Betty Boop' Floribunda Rose

    'Betty Boop' Floribunda rose. Georgianna Lane/Getty Images

    'Betty Boop' roses are likely to elicit compliments from garden visitors for their showy gold and red-edged petals. The bushes are hardy and vigorous, and while the flowers don't have much fragrance, the happy color combo makes up for it.