Make Cut Flowers Look Amazing With These Tips from a Florist

Floral arrangement from Flowers for Dreams

The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amelia Manley / Flowers for Dreams

It is almost a cliche to say that spring is a time of renewal, of trees budding and plants pushing out their first little leaves, stems pushing toward the sky as they soak up the sun. What might not be quite as obvious is that it is also a season for flowers popping up indoors as well. 

Nothing brightens a room like fresh-cut flowers, whether it’s a gorgeous arrangement that fills a vase or a single bloom. And like other decor, flowers go through seasonal and annual trends. So what flower has the most power this spring? We talked to two experts to get their take on what’s new and what is new again.

Meet the Expert

  • Carrie Waggoner is the experiential and workshops manager at Flowers for Dreams in the Chicago area.
  • Alfred Palomares is vice president of merchandising at

“The design trends for spring are clear: Flowers are more important than ever to help lift our mood, inspire our creative expression and deepen our connection with nature and our own self-care journey,” says Carrie Waggoner, experiential and workshops manager at Flowers for Dreams


Flowers for Dreams

Pick What's Seasonal

First, go with what’s growing. Early spring brings beautiful blooms such as daffodils, tulips and hyacinth, plus interesting and attractive things like cherry blossom branches, says Waggoner. “An artfully crafted mix of these and other early bloomers creates beauty that fits the season,” she says.

In fact, selected tulips as the 2022 flower of the year! “The tulip is a joyful and happy flower that is the first sign of spring, and that connects to this year of joy,” says Alfred Palomares, Vice President of Merchandising at

Very Periwinkle arrangement

Flowers for Dreams

Pastels & Neutrals

Waggoner says that this season, soft pastel color mixes are trending in floral arrangements, as are dynamic monochromatics such as energetic yellows, confident periwinkles or a bold range of magentas. For something a little different, Waggoner is seeing a nod to designs that go beyond traditional. 

Don’t forget that peak wedding season is coming up quickly, and brides are still saying “I do” to calm, neutral shades. 

“Reconnecting with nature means sustainability and seasonality are important to us, which expresses the types of flowers we love for spring as well as in the blooms we’ll see this season for weddings and events,” Waggoner says.

Monochromatic & Pampas Grass

Waggoner noted that there are a few designs that she sees gaining popularity and getting extra attention right now. The aforementioned monochromatic bouquets add more interest than you might expect. Single colors aren’t boring when you blend various shades of colors, notes Waggoner. 

Pampas grass, which exploded onto the floral design scene with a big splash in 2018, is also showing no signs of slowing down and is a good type of plant to use with the blooms of your choice as an accent and to add some dimension.

Colors aren’t the only thing to look for when creating your own fresh flower looks at home. Instead of just sticking blooms in whatever vase you have in the cabinets, think about the shape of the arrangement. Waggoner says, “Asymmetrical designs are still culminating the landscape with expressive, daring shapes that break the bounds of design.”

Buttercream monochromiatic arrangement

Flowers for Dreams

Tips for Arranging at Home

Waggoner offers these three helpful ideas for making the most of your personally created arrangements for your spaces.

  1. Stick to one color theme, like pastel pinks, yellows, and peach. Add 1 to 2 cool pops of blue for contrast.
  2. Create repeating patterns of the same style. For example, begin with a larger central arrangement in your dining area or living room, then create smaller arrangements with a few of the same types of flowers in a powder room, bedside table, and office space.
  3. Pick a vase with a smaller opening to make your flowers fuller.

You can also add floral arrangements to places other than your living areas. Try hanging a pretty basket on your front door and arrange seasonal flowers to serve as a sort of living welcome to visitors and to set the scene for the natural oasis they will find inside.

Tall arrangement

Flowers for Dreams

Another way to personalize your arrangements is to skip the vase and use family heirloom glassware, pitchers and other items as the perfect foil for whatever arrangement you choose. It’s a great way to showcase things that might spend most of their time in a china cabinet or box in a unique and beautiful way.