Flower Crafts

Free Patterns to Make Flower Craft Projects

Explore this collection of free flower craft patterns and projects. Find out how you can make a variety of flowers using different supplies and techniques. Enjoy making these crafts and then take some time to design your own flower crafts and submit them to be published here.

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    Silk flowers
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    If you have any unwanted silk flowers lying around, discover how you can use them to decorate a pen.
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    Button Flower Craft
    Button Flower.
    These whimsical flowers are made using fancy scrapbook paper with a button in the center.
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    Candy Kiss Rose Bud Craft
    Candy Kiss Rose Bud.
    Can you believe this rose bud is made by simply sticking two Hershey's Kisses together?
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    CD Daisy Puppet

    CD Daisy Puppet Craft
    CD Daisy Puppet.
    Follow these instructions and learn how to make this puppet by recycling a sock, a CD, and a paper plate.
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    CD Flower

    CD Flower Craft
    CD Flower.
    A visitor named Allie explains how she made this shiny flower using six CDs and a lot of sequins.
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    Chenille Stem Flower
    Chenille Stem Flower.
    You can make a variety of flowers using only a few chenille stems when you follow along with this tutorial.
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    Clothespin Poinsettia

    Flower Crafts
    Clothespin Poinsettia Craft.
    You can easily make a poinsettia, or you can switch it up if it isn't Christmas time and make a sunflower with a few minor modifications.
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    Coffee Filter Flower

    Coffee Filter Flower Craft
    Coffee Filter Flower Craft.
    Check out these amazing flowers, made by Kathryn, and learn how to make your own.
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    Cookie Flowers

    Cookie Flowers
    Cookie Flowers.

    This is a fun and easy activity. Learn how to decorate store-bought cookies to look like colorful flowers.

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    Duct Tape Tulip Craft
    Duct Tape Tulip Craft.

    Learn how you can craft these duct tape flowers in just a few simple steps.

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    flowers Craft projects
    Egg Carton Bouquet Craft.

    Follow these instructions and learn how to can turn egg carton cups into flowers.

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    Egg Carton Rose

    Egg Carton Rose Craft
    Egg Carton Rose Craft.
    A visitor named Jan explains how she made this rose out of two cardboard egg carton cups that she soaked in water.
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    Family Craft
    Egg Carton Tulip Craft.
    Discover how simple it is to craft these tulips out of an egg carton cup and a chenille stem.
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    Flower Shaker Craft

    Flower Shaker Craft
    Flower Shaker Craft.
    Learn how to make these flowers that double as musical instruments, when you follow these directions shared by Tessy.
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    Flower Shoe Clips

    Flower Shoe Clips Craft
    Flower Shoe Clips.
    If you are tired of plain, boring shoes, follow these directions and make fancy flowers to decorate every pair you own.
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    Fortune Cookie Flower Craft
    Fortune Cookie Flower Craft.

    A visitor named Bob explains how he made unique flowers using fortune cookies, paper, and chenille stems.

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    Photo Flower Craft
    Photo Flower.

    This easy craft makes a cute magnet and also a great gift to give to grandmas and grandpas.

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    Plastic Egg Flower

    Plastic Egg Flower Craft
    Plastic Egg Flower.

    Use a coloring book page as a pattern and make flowers using colorful paper and half of a plastic Easter egg.

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    Plastic Shopping Bag Flowers

    Plastic Shopping Bag Flowers
    Plastic Shopping Bag Flowers.

    A visitor nicknamed Bitsypieces shares instructions to make a flower by cutting up some plastic grocery bags.

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    Potted Tissue Flowers

    Potted Tissue Flowers Craft
    Potted Tissue Flowers Craft.

    Learn how to make simple tissue paper flowers and then plant them in a personalized pot.

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    Rock Flower Craft
    Rock Flower.
    It is amazing what you can make using s round rock, a handful of pom-poms, and some paint.
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    Styrofoam Cup Flowers

    Styrofoam Cup Flowers Craft
    Styrofoam Cup Flowers Craft.
    You can make one of these flowers by cutting slits in a styrofoam cup and placing it in the oven for a few minutes.
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    Tissue Paper Rose Bouquet

    Tissue Paper Rose Bouquet
    Tissue Paper Rose Bouquet.

    Learn how to make large tissue paper flowers using these directions shared by Nate.

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    Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

    Toilet Paper Roll Flowers
    Toilet Paper Roll Flowers.
    Cut up a toilet paper roll to make this flower and then fill the middle hole with a colorful pom-pom.
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    Vinyl Record Flowers

    Vinyl Record Flowers
    Vinyl Record Flowers.
    A visitor named Crystal explains how she melted on old albums so they looked like flowers.