Flower Pictures to Color

Make Your Own Flower Coloring Book

Check out these free flower coloring pages--you can download each flower coloring page to your computer, print them out and create your own coloring book. Print and color these flower coloring pages and use them to decorate your room or give them as a way to let someone know you're thinking of them.

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    Daffodil Picture

    Daffodil Picture
    Daffodil Picture.

    Download and print out this coloring page that features four daffodil flowers. This is a great option for an Easter coloring page.

    Daffodils are a sign of spring and appears just as the dark days of winter are waning. Daffodils evoke creativity, renewal, vitality, reflection and forgiveness. Did you know there are more than 50 species and about 13,000 varieties of daffodils?

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    Flower Pot Picture
    Flower Pot Picture.

    Print out and color or decorate this flower pot picture. Decorate them with washi tape and markers, then add in a few small flowers

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    Flower Template or Coloring Page
    Flower Template or Coloring Page.

    You can use this flower outline as a coloring page or use it as a pattern for other craft projects.

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    Flowers in a Pot

    Flowers in a Pot
    Flowers in a Pot.
    Here is a coloring page featuring a flower pot with a couple of flowers planted in it.
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    Garden Trowel Picture

    Garden Trowel Picture
    Garden Trowel Picture.

    Most gardeners use a garden trowel to help them plant their flowers-- no coloring book about flowers would be complete without this coloring page.

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    Lily Picture

    Lily Picture
    Lily Picture.

    Print out and color or decorate this picture of a lily flower. The white lily symbolizes virtue while the white stargazer lily expresses sympathy. The pink stargazer lily stands for wealth and prosperity.

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    Rose Picture

    Rose Picture
    Rose Picture.

    Print out and color this picture of a rose. Print out several roses and color a bouquet. Choose a color that represent the feeling you have for the recipient:

    • Red: Romantic love, passion, romance, beauty, courage, respect
    • Yellow: Friendship, joy, get well, gladness, delight, promise
    • Lavender: Enchantment, love at first sight
    • Pink: Love, appreciation, gratitude, admiration, sympathy, gentleness, grace, sweetness
    • White: Innocence, purity, reverence, humility
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    Sunflower Picture

    Sunflower Picture
    Sunflower Picture.

    Not only can you print out and color this sunflower coloring book page, you can use it for a collage. Simply glue sunflower seeds onto it. Sunflowers are cheery and spread warmth like the sun. In fact, its brilliant yellow petals are known as "rays,” because they resemble the glow of the sun.

    Sunflowers stand for adoration, longevity and loyalty. The meaning of the sunflower is derived from the sun itself. Sunflowers are considered “happy” flowers, which makes a colored flower the perfect...MORE gift if you can't give the real thing.

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    Three Flowers

    Three Flowers
    Three Flowers.
    This coloring page features three flowers, lined up in a row.
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    Three Flowers Outline

    Three Flowers Outline
    Three Flowers Outline.

    This flower coloring page is similar to the one above except it is more of an outline.

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    Watering Can Picture

    Watering Can Picture
    Watering Can Picture.
    Print out and color or decorate this picture of a watering can.