Welcome Springtime With a Flower Pot Planting Party

houseplants in a pot on the table
Maya23K / Getty Images

A flower pot planting party is a great way to commemorate Earth Day and celebrate the spring season. With a prepared set of supplies and a step-by-step demonstration, even little kids will be able to dig into the planting fun. The best part is the potting process serves not only as the main activity but also the party favor that guests can bring home, nurture, and watch blossom with pride.

Here are some tips for holding a flower pot planting party.

What You'll Need

  • Small flower pots (one per guest)
  • Flower seed packets (one per guest)
  • Planting soil (enough to fill one flower pot per guest)
  • Gardening gloves (one pair per guest)
  • Small trowels or spoons (one per guest)
  • Mini watering cans (one per guest) or a few large ones to share
  • Shoeboxes (one per guest)
  • Outdoor table and chairs
  • Plastic tablecloth (optional)

Don't forget to include yourself when you're counting how many supplies you need, especially if you'll be demonstrating the planting process. Also, don't hesitate to ask guests to bring some supplies, such as their own gardening gloves and trowels.

Moreover, while it makes dividing supplies easier, you don’t actually need one seed packet per guest. You can sprinkle several seeds from one packet into two or three pots. If you choose to share seed packets, dividing them into plastic baggies for each person ahead of time can help with organization. Just be sure to label which types of seeds are in each baggie.

Setting Up

It's ideal to create a planting place setting for each guest to keep things neat, especially if kids will be doing the planting. First, cover the table with a plastic tablecloth if you wish to protect the surface from water and dirt.

Then, fill one zip-top plastic bag per person with enough soil to fill each flower pot. Place a bag of soil, flower pot, seed packet, trowel, and pair of gloves in each shoebox. And then place these planting packages evenly spaced around the table, so your guests have room to work. Finally, fill the watering cans to set by the planting place settings.

Planting the Seeds

While some guests will be able to figure out the planting process on their own, it's still best for everyone to begin together. For young children especially, a step-by-step demonstration of how to plant the seeds should get the process done with little confusion. If you'll be having several young kids planting, have some older helpers nearby to assist with tasks, such as opening seed packets, scooping dirt, and pouring water.

Here's a helpful step-by-step breakdown to follow when working with children.

  1. Put on your gloves.
  2. Open a bag of soil, and scoop the soil into your pot.
  3. Pour your seeds into the soil.
  4. Lightly press the seeds down into the soil.
  5. Pour some water into the soil.
  6. Let the pot sit until any extra water drains out.

More Planting Party Activities

While planting seeds will be the main event at this gathering, there are some other related activities you can do to play up the gardening theme. They include:

  • Wheelbarrow races
  • Flowerpot and watering can painting
  • Watering can relay races, having teams race to fill a big bucket with a small watering can

Food and Drink

What could be better to serve at an outdoor party than typical outdoor food? The planting party provides a great opportunity to break out the grill and serve barbecue foods. Another option is to have a picnic and serve tea sandwiches. Plus, snack foods like chips and pretzels are easy to serve outdoors.

Incorporate the party theme by serving snacks from large flower pots, along with beverages poured from watering cans. Cut fruit, such as melons and pineapple, into the shape of flowers to serve as an edible floral arrangement. Or make a veggie floral arrangement on a tray by layering pieces of carrots, bell peppers, zucchini, or other favorite veggies like flower petals around a circular bowl of dip. You can even put colorful baked goods, such as macarons, on skewers stuck in styrofoam with some faux greenery around the base to look like flowers in a field. And edible flowers in drinks are always a fun touch.

Earth Day

If your planting party is celebrating Earth Day, you might want to do some actual garden planting or even gather a group to plant a tree. But even simply planting something in a flower pot is a great opportunity to teach kids about nurturing the Earth. Make sure they come away from the event not only knowing how to take care of their new plant, but also understanding why plants are important overall on the planet (e.g., they clean the air, provide shelter and food for animals, etc.)